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Like previous installments, “NBA 2K18” will allow players to create their own MyPlayer and carve their own paths toward NBA glory in MyCareer. New card types will also give players the ability to build their very own all-star lineup in MyTeam. And for the more ambitious gamers who want to keep on scaling the ladder to success, there’s MyLeague and MyGM, which will allow them to take control of an NBA franchise or even an entire basketball league.

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As one of players’ most wanted MMO of 2017, Albion Online is taking some new, innovative approaches to some of the tired, established traditions of the MMO genre. Top-down and low poly, Albion Online can be played on computers and mobile devices. With a player-driven economy and a focus on PVP and risk vs reward gameplay, the world of Albion is incredibly fluid. A unique gear focused, class-free system encourages unique and surprising equipment combinations. Dungeons may be boring, but there are plenty of other ways make your mark and either earn or steal a fortune in the world of Albion Online.


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Final Fantasy XIV Review: Main Storyline And New Musical Score

Final Fantasy XIV undergone a series of changes and improvements, eventually, Final Fantasy XIV entirely new musical score, Masayoshi Soken is a constant pleasure, and it jumps smoothly from soothing tracks to heavy metal riffs on bosses like Titan. In addition, the game’s graphical quality will be looks better than previous game. Improved game will attract more gamers, official website will be visited by more gamers Final Fantasy XIV’s world, first there’s the continent of Eorzea itself, a stunning world of forests, deserts, and coasts that often delivers wallpaper-worthy moments, such as a the sight of watching the sun rise over the waters of the resort of Costa Del Sol. It’s filled with weather effects ranging from simple fog to torrential rainstorms and even humdrum overcast days.

The main storyline is full of twists and struggles that give some meaning to the surrounding eye candy, even if at best it’s little more than another tale of good struggling to overcome evil. Still, it packs some surprises. Around level 35 a shift occurs that jumpstarts the narrative into hyperdrive, and it never really loses momentum until it ends at level 50.

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Franchise Mode Guide in Madden 17

You can win a match easily if you know a good Madden 17 Guide, today lets share a new franchise mode guide in Madden 17, you can through everything you need to know about the game mode.

Choosing a Team
Although you need to find a team which could complements your playstyle, you should choose your favorite team. And if you want to increase your chances of winning and a team of rookies, you can choose a high rating team.
Be a Player
You can select an active player or create one from ground up. Once done, you need to decide position, player type, backstory, etc. This bars from controlling other players on the field; but the idea is to earn XP, designate strengths/weaknesses, and become the best NFL player.
Be a Coach
This allows you to control the entire team instead of a single player which is what makes it more complicated. As a coach, you decide things like drafting, trading, signing, etc. Once again, you can either select a pre-existing coach – and inherit all his traits – or create one from scratch.
Be an Owner
This allows you to experience the Madden NFL 17 Franchise Mode in its entirety. If you are not comfortable with making stadium decisions or managing the prices off the field, you should probably choose something else. Similar to other roles, you can select an active owner or create one from the ground up – the latter affects finances, team happiness, and fan happiness.

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NBA 2K18 Will Give Gamers One Blast Of An Experience

Owing to the advent of new and improved technology, it’s no doubt that forthcoming NBA 2K18 will give gamers one blast of an experience. NBA 2K series has managed to come up with new upgrades every time it has been rolled out on to the market. For the latest NBA 2K game, NBA 2K18 seemingly grab the attention of all the gamers across the world. Having being said, cheap currency such as cheap NBA 2K18 MT is essential.04186As relevant speculations, the game is going to be more realistic, with better visuals gameplay as well as fantastic contents. Gamers are looking forward to NBA 2K18 bringing more unique and brand-new content, naturally, they made a series of speculation for NBA 2K18’s features and its cover athlete.

Each NBA 2K fans has a wishlist of their own, especially for a new game soon to be come, actually, similar NBA 2K18 NBA 2K gameplay, the list is likely to show endless trend. Nevertheless, the loyal fans of the basketball game do not get the opportunity to hand over a huge wishlis? It as 2K Sports comes up with incredible features in the NBA 2K series.

There is no doubt that NBA 2K18 is going to be one of the most sought-after games in 2017, in the meantime, it’s already one of the most popular sports video game, any gamers believed deep down that NBA 2K18 will become much better, in a nutshell, NBA 2K18 will be one of the most exciting video games that are going to be released this year. For the latest release progress, you just need to visit here:

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Albion Online will take you to a medieval world, and it will come true your dreams about medieval life, being there, you can free to fight, trade, craft, farm, and join guilds, or build a house and so on. Of course, you can also find these features in other MMOs, nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that Albion Online stand out are the nuances of the various features and systems.


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Albion Online Statistics: Four Weeks Since Galahad Update

Albion Online is a MMORPG where all the economy is carried by the players themselves. You are right in the heart of the game. It is you who will create your own blacksmith shop or your armor-making shop for adventurers who stop in your city. Want to play a particular class? In Albion, you can simply embody what you want! There is no restriction and no class.

In the four weeks since the Galahad update, 212,815 Founders from all over the world, have already played a total of 2,804,864 hours. That is over 320 years’ worth of playing Albion Online!

And that is only a few of the numbers we gathered from the update so far. Here are some of our favorite Galahad statistics wrapped in a neat infographic.


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