How To Play Madden NFL 18 In Advance

We all know that Madden NFL 18 will be released in August, and with the release date getting closer, the official also released a lot about Madden NFL 18 news and information, it is said that Madden 18 adds a new game mode, After the official trailer released, Madden 18 fans are also very good response, are said to be looking forward to, but you know how to play new games early, today I will tell you a few raiders.



Firstly, you need to know clearly about the pre-order details, you can play Madden NFL 18 three days early, and if you pre-order the G.O.A.T Edition you can get one of five Elite G.O.A.T. players, an Elite player from your favorite NFL team, 12 Squad Packs, 2500 contracts and one uniform pack in Ultimate Team.

Standard Edition reservations will receive up to $ 15 in added value, including your favorite NFL team of elite players and five of the Ultimate Team Squad Pack, a complete NFL team building model that you can build with your ultimate team And win today’s NFL superstar and legend.Moreover, Subscribers to Xbox Access will get a 10-hour preview of the game on August 17.

But the most important is you need save enough Madden NFL 18 coins, because you will need a lot Madden 18 coins for new player cards and building new team, so I can recommend one to you, Madden-store is not a bad choice if you want to buy Madden NFL 18 coins, because many friends of mine are old customers on the site, you can get cheap Madden 18 coins there!

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