The Elder Scrolls Online: Horns Of The Reach Is Now Available On PS4 And Xbox One

Horns of the Reach, the new DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online, is available today also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With this opportunity, Bethesda and ZeniMax Online Studios have released a new trailer dedicated to the content included in the expansion: you find it on top of the news.

Released on PC August 14, Horns of the Reach is a new DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online that introduces two unveiled dungeons (Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge) and a number of new items. There is also a free upgrade (update 15) that brings a number of improvements to the basic game, as well as introducing a new PvP mode for Battleground, Chaosball, and a new map, Arcane University.

The DLC Horns of the Reach is free for ESO Plus members or can be purchased at the Crown Store for 1,500 Crowns. Improvements to update 15 are free for all players, while additions to the Battleground are free for the owners of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind (Bouldering mode requires ESO expansion: Morrowind).

Grab More Details Of NBA 2K18 Game

Visual Concept introduced a new trailer for the NBA 2K18, the next 2K iteration that will arrive for PS4, Xbox One and Switch in September. I know all the details of the gameplay, the players that will be present, graphics and more, in this note!

NBA 2K18, this year’s entry of Visual Concepts comes to enthuse all sports fans, we already have news of the release date, pre-order, details about the cover stars and special editions.

While waiting for the start of the 2017/2018 season, the developers of the 2K series, presented the gameplay (which you can see above) of their latest install with improved graphics and a movement engine that looks and feels more natural than ever.

Also announced the return of the “MyTeam” mode, where we can create a team with our favorite players and compete in play-offs, compete unique challenges and manage purchases and sales through a player business system that will allow us to strengthen Constantly our team, while we are making a place among the best.

The NBA2K18 will include a story mode where we can create a player and watch him progress to become a legend more of this acclaimed sport.

Another novelty is that the Legend Edition will include the basketball icon Shaquille O’Neal and lots of gifts and extras to start the 2K18 experience with many options.

The official NBA 2K channel on YouTube posted a video featuring developers talking about the gameplay of the NBA 2K18. In the clip they highlight the level of detail that each player has and explain that for this edition they had to rebuild the entire body of the athletes so that it coincided 100% with real life.

The NBA 2K18 will be available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, on September 19, 2017. But those who pre-order the game will be able to get it four days before, September.

The game will come in many forms. The standard edition ($ 59.99) will feature NBA star Kyrie Irving on the cover, while in legendary editions Shaquille O’Neal will appear. The Legend Edition will cost $ 99.99 and the Legend Gold Edition – which includes the same thing as the previous one but with some extras like Shaq shirts and additional items to customize players – will come out at $ 149.99.

U4NBA will add more basic NBA 2K18 tips on an ongoing basis to help rookies get acquainted with the latest entry in the franchise.

MU Legend Is Progressing Through Its Development Cycle

MU Legend

In MU Legend, along with other players, can start pumping characters, performing tasks, exploring locations, destroying creatures as well as saving the world from another deadly threat. In September, the international version of MU Legend will go to the open beta stage. MU Legend is the highly anticipated follow-up to the classic MU Online series and features exciting hack and slash gameplay in the style of Diablo. And if you want to know more details about MU Legend, then visit website now.

MU Legend

This free dark-fantasy action MMORPG is suited both for players who like going solo and for those who prefer to focus on the cooperative aspect, as well as including all the necessary PvP options. At launch, MU Legend includes four classes – Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage – and while it’s a very interesting and diverse game visually, the Unreal Engine makes sure that this game will run even on lower-end systems.

MU Legend is progressing through its development cycle and is preparing for open beta currently slated for September. OBT will includ new features including localization in several new languages. Players will find enhanced graphics and a fluid hack ‘n’ slash combat style. The September MU Legend OBT launch for the global audience has been decided with two fundamental aspects in mind: entertainment and quality.

MU Legend is a fun game with exciting combat and a smooth progression that isn’t overly focused on grinding, making for a very enjoyable experience. Choose the MU Legend Zen for the best possible gaming experience. Now that you’ve learned about a lot of details in gaming you should be ready to make some informed choices, keep an eye on U4GM.

FFXIV: Square Enix Has Been Updating Players On Its Progress

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV patch notes have been posted a lot, such as patch 4.1. Players have been getting excited about the new raids. Today Square Enix hinted at a possible version of Final Fantasy XIV for the Nintendo Switch, which would be huge. Everyone on the Final Fantasy XIV team loves this specific console, be sure to know more information, read more at here.

Final Fantasy XIV

The recent launch of early access for Final Fantasy XIV’s newest expansion, Stormblood, has seemingly brought a huge influx of players to the game. Worlds are reaching their capacity and forcing players to endure log-in queues, which sometimes move very slowly. Square Enix has been updating players on its progress addressing issues over the past few days.

Yoshida noted that, during peak times, these queues can range from 1,000 to 5,000 players. Square Enix is exploring ways to resolve the situation but is encouraging players to consider transferring to a different World. Yoshida explained: “We apologize for the inconvenience. You will be able to login more quickly if you continue to wait instead of cancelling your queue.”

Details addressing issues have been listed on FFXIV4GIL, preview more professional news and guides, screenshots, videos, or buy cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling. At FFXIV4GIL, we aim to deal with your any problems in time and then satisfy your any needs. We are indeed pleasing, especially for when ours clients satisfy ours products.

The Elder Scrolls Online Introduced The Release Of Horns Of The Reach

PC version MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has received the addition of Horns of the Reach and update 3.1.5. Added two new dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold, from which it will be possible to get 8 new sets. Introduced a new map for the battles 4vs4vs4 – Arcane University. A Battleground mode called Chaosball became available.


Guilds have received new access settings. Now you can cancel the research. You no longer need to take off your equipment to improve it. Now you can customize the colors of different combat indicators. Added three new craft craft: Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni.

The cap of the championship points is increased to 660. New recipes and decorations for the house are introduced. It will no longer be possible to mount a mount in such a public dungeon as Forgotten Wastes. Now, the various NPCs in Vvardenfell react correctly to the attacks inflicted on them from a long distance.

A complete list of changes to the DLC and the patch for The Elder Scrolls Online will be found in our ESO news page. Enhance your ESO crafting with Research Scrolls and Mimic Stone Packs, now 20% off in the ESO Crown Store until August 21! You can grab more news on ESO, further information about specifics of any of the above and more over at

FFXIV: DDoS Attacks Have Focused On North American Data Center

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV certainly is amazing PvE content and a beautiful world to explore. With plenty of dungeons, raids, group questing, exploration, not to mention fantastic game and guild systems and a wonderful community.

Final Fantasy XIV

But now, Square Enix promises that its technical staff is doing everything they can counter the DDoS attacks, but it hasn’t provided any sort of timeframe for when the issues might be resolved. For now, it looks like the best things players can do is wait. Therefore, please continue to keep a close eye on here:

When it comes to DDoS attacks, it would seem the attacks have focused specifically on the game’s North American data center, which would explain the deluge of reports from North American players saying they have been consistently running into issues like long load times, quests that failed to load or simply bugged out, and server queues that tallied thousands of players at once.

The developers have been implementing defensive measures to combat DDoS attacks against Final Fantasy XIV game servers, and have been able to keep the impact to services at a minimum. This implementation has already been effective, however, there is the possibility that the attacks could occur again.

Finally, as it turned out, Final Fantasy XIV really is a successful gameplay, when the release of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood. Let’s take an early look at the Final Fantasy XIV latest news, features, and visit here to know more.

Overview The New of Madden Mobile 18

Overview The New of Madden NFL 18

Finally the waitting is over. EA has released a new season: Madden NFL Mobile 18 and it’s already launched on iOS and Android device. It brings us new features and improvements like new stadiums, new uniforms and better graphics. Let’s take an overview of the Greatest Season.
Overview The New of Madden NFL 18
Two welcome gifts: The Super Bowl Rewind and Brady Camp

Before you go forward you take a step back with a Super Bowl LI rewind, it will lets you relive the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, and will reward you with an 80 OVR Tom Brady after you completing it. Brady Camp is designed to teach you game mechanics as Tom Brady takes you through a Rushing, Passing, and Defensive drill. Your reward for completing camp? An Elite player from your favorite team including names like Antonio Brown (Steelers), Julian Edelman (Patriots) and Andrew Luck (Colts). You can select one favorite of them.

Locker Items

Locker Items will change the way you play the game, Coaches can be trained just like players. From coaches to cleats, you’ll have multiple places to upgrade. It’ll provide game changing boosts to your franchise.


As we know EA was adding a story mode to Madden NFL 18 on consoles, and will also take the Longshot to Madden Mobile 18. In this narrative storyline, you’ll follow Devin Wade in a prequel to Madden 18’s Longshot Story. All in all, practice makes perfect, training your players will be the key to success and it’s the straight way to take your team to glory. Just do it.


NHL 18: This Year Is Shaping Up To Be The Perfect Time

NHL 18

NHL 18 will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime this fall. NHL 18 has looked to McDavid for inspiration in all the right ways. Admittedly, Ice hockey is undergoing a revolution right now in terms of playstyle and the talent that is flooding into the sport. When Ice hockey has a revolution, the NHL series has a renaissance, and it looks like this year is shaping up to be the perfect time for yet another one. Are you aware on how to buy the cheapest NHL 18 Coins?

NHL 18

This series is following suit with the fast, fun, frantic new NHL THREES mode, the new moves available to the game’s most skilled players, and even three-on-three gameplay making it’s way to EASHL. With new attack maneuvers and revised defense control, EA SPORTS aims to react to the latest changes in the sport in NHL 18. What’s more, fans should be able to assemble their own dream team.

McDavid, 20, is one of the league’s most exciting young superstarsand is coming off an outstanding season for the Oilers in which he scored 30 goals and recorded70 assists. Considering he was the NHL’s only 100-point scorer this past season, Connor McDavid was selected as NHL 18’s cover star. RepresentingNHL 18 as the cover athlete is an incredible honor, McDavid said in a statement.

“A new generation of young players brings more pace, talent and creativity than ever in the game.” said Sean Ramjagsingh, the lead producer of NHL 18, at the launch of the next edition of his hockey simulation. In the coming days, players are patiently waiting the release of NHL 18, more full details, visit here.

TESO: Horns Of The Reach Has New Game Facilitations

The coming DLC Horns of the Reach for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) will introduce some improvements as well as game facilitations.


For example, you’ll be able to set the color for Combat Cues individually and for enemies and friends in different colors. It is also possible to store your Alliance Points and your Writ Voucher in your bank. This allows you to share Alliance Points and trades with all the characters in your account. However, the transitional Alliance points do not raise characters in their Alliance Rank.

Research Cancelling

Many Small Improvements

Added to this is an improved guild management, which shows you a detailed history of previous invitations. New rights for Guild Ranks will allow Guildmasters to determine if guild members can set View Guild Bank Gold is currently in the Guild’s Ranks.

Also new is that you can break the analysis of a property in the crafting research. However, it should be borne in mind that, in the event of Cancel Research, the object used for it is not recovered.

Facilitate The Improvement Of Items

Equipped gears can also be improved if they still carry them. You do not have to take them off to improve. This should be a relief in improving objects. These things and even more will be the Update 15 of the MMORPG ESO, which will be released on the 14th of August with the DLC Horns of the Reach.

FFXIV: The Annual Moonfire Faire Seasonal Event And More

Final Fantasy XIV

t present, speaking of the one of popular Franchise, Final Fantasy XIV, in accordance to Square Enix, the game has exceeded 10 million players worldwide. Beyond the exciting number, the studio also recently dropped Patch 4.06 which saw some buffs across the board for Dragoons, Ninjas, Archers, Machinists, and Summoners. If you choose to access to FFXIV4GIL, you will have the option to purchase the cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling, full stock, fast and safe.

Final Fantasy XIV

Moreover, Square Enix has also rolled out patch 4.06 for the game that sees the start of the annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event. In this annual event, players will be able to take part in new quests, and more. The game’s expansion Stormblood was released last month which adds two new job classes along with an increase in the level cap, new high level raids, and more.

The game has passed 10 million cumulative players globally, the milestone coincides with the start of the game’s annual Moonfire Faire seasonal event, which begins today and last over the course of August. During this time, players can participate in a special adventure to face off against Ultros and earn a variety of awards, including a dyeable Faire version of popular equipment.

In Final Fantasy XIV, players get a chance to create up to eight characters, experience different classes, and jobs with no restrictions on playtime. If you are interested in trying out Final Fantasy XIV, there’s an opportunity for an upcoming free trial that allows players to access all available content up to level 35. Further information, recommend you find more at here.