Different Ends In The Longshot Story Mode Of Madden 18

With the early kickoff of America’s largest football league coming, it’s time for a new spinoff from Madden NFL. It’s not just career and the Ultimate team that are waiting to get started this year. Fans can now also become a star in story mode.


Following the example of FIFA’s “The Journey”, Electronic Arts (EA) announced a similar story mode for Madden NFL 18 in June. In “Longshot”, you slip into the role of a college star named Devin Wade. On the way to the NFL Draft accompany you your best friend Colt Cruise, your father Cutter and adviser Dan Marino.

As in “The Journey”, the decisions have an impact on how the game progresses, so that the ends are different. EA seems to have learned from football simulation in any case: “Longshot” convinces with impressive details and good story writing.

MUT Champions To The eSport Star

If you are into deep tactics and blatant football action, you should prefer to use Ultimate Team (MUT) or the franchise mode. Big gameplay changes are not available here this year. At most eSports fans can look forward to the new MUT Champions mode. Here are tournaments on the weekend where you can qualify for offline events like FIFA. Otherwise, the MUT squads are new, where you can create your own team together with your friends.

The Most Entry-Level Madden Ever

What also distinguishes Madden NFL 18 is the entry-level friendliness. So far, the simulation for football newbies seemed rather daunting. The previous tutorials were far too high and left confused faces in front of the console. Thanks to “Longshot” this is different now. The story mode introduces you to the world of the NFL and the tutorials explain in detail the basics of American popular sports. If you need tuition in what is quarterback, for example, and what his duties are, then Madden NFL 18 has an answer for you.

Madden NFL 18 has been completely successful. The new story mode brings a breath of fresh air to the football simulation and with MUT champions the competitive field takes a step forward. Thanks to “Longshot” and the detailed tutorials is also for newbies now the perfect time to plunge into the world of American football. Nevertheless, Madden NFL 18 seems a little innovative. Many changes have been made from FIFA and the gameplay has done relatively little.

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This Weekend’s Madden 18 Won’t Be Restricted To Xbox Live Gold Members

Madden 18

According to perception, Madden NFL 18 is now free on Xbox One, October 19 at 9 p.m. PT (12 a.m. ET) and will remain so through Sunday, October 22 at 11:59 p.m. PT (2:59 a.m. ET). Arguably, it’s likely going to be the Madden NFL the most popular event. As usual, all of your in-game progress will carry over if you decide to buy in.

Madden 18

At the same time, this event should launch simultaneously for console players on PS4 and Xbox One with PC and Madden NFL 18 Mobile users expected to get the update at the same time as well. During this free trial weekend, giving players the whole weekend to get started with everything new coming to the game. It’s a great opportunity to view more the latest news and guides for Madden NFL 18.

All Xbox One players can check out Madden NFL 18’s offline features, including Madden’s Longshot story mode. Unlike a most of its recent free play days, Microsoft says this one won’t be restricted to Xbox Live Gold members. If you decide you want to pick the game up, Microsoft says it will be on sale at 33 percent off throughout the free play weekend.

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Like previous installments, “Madden NFL 18” will allow players to create their own Ultimate Team and carve their own paths toward NFL glory in MUT Squads. New card types will also give players the ability to build their very own all-star lineup in Madden Ultimate Team. And for the more ambitious gamers who want to keep on scaling the ladder to success, there’s Longshot and Franchise, which will allow them to take control of an NFL franchise or even an entire football league.


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