Activities: learning diablo knowledge, to win the qualification test!

Kane in the horn of the second give the activities to ~ the first activity of luck, the second activities will need to everybody has certain diablo knowledge!

With the release of the game is near to come, and more and more friends will join the fan team, the new additions to let the game full of energy, and how to guide the new friends faster, better understand the game became us to think of a problem. We hope that the activities can not only make some friends get test qualifications, more let everyone in participating in activities and improve diablo 3 this game of understanding! So, the second event as a similar test daily activities, not only to answer prospective, and even see who answer fast, Are you the terms?

Activity rules: (please must be carefully watch)

1) in daily activities on the night before at about 2, we will prepare a player for the second day of the review material guide q&a activities. For example we provide such an address, that means tomorrow’s problems will be focused on the basic knowledge of diablo iii above;

2) daily activities for the start time 8 PM, we will be in the BBS of new tristram plate issued the events of the day is stuck, contains 5-10 way question and answer;

3) activities stick format title [2012. XX. XX examination questions 】 XXXXXXX; According to the format of the players we provide in the activities in the post of the answer, the player only need to fill out his position in the corresponding answers;

4) please note: we will reply to all to a strict check ma3 jia3, once found that is cancelled the qualification;

5) please note: any edited return card is invalid the answer. So please, in the pursuit of the speed must be carefully check, and do not use to share building again answer way;

6) every time the answer for 2 hours;

7) time to lock for after, and then start to check the answers and complete victory.

The awards rules:

1) order in accordance with the answer in turn choose the correct answer complete before the five players, reward the Beta Key, 1

2) if meet the invalid or other problems cause of the answers is invalid return card, then deferred to the next meet the conditions of the players;

3) all the selection and reward will be in issued the same day.

Special remind:

1) to ensure fair, all managers can’t participate in this activity (moderator/editor/etc/and strictly prohibited ma3 jia3 participation);

2) if for activities have any unclear or questions, please write down here to put forward, we will reply before the activity;

3) every problem has a very standard answer, will and we material page consistent described;

4) all questions and material can be in the horn of Kane D. 163. COM find;

5) we want players to participate, on the one hand, is to win the test qualifications, a more important aspect is check your diablo 3 knowledge:)

Special note: once participate in the activities, both agree this activity rules!

Other awards: all activities in time and in full and accurate answer all the questions of the players can get BBS badges a gold! 

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