Auction House – Money making by PacHo

Hi guys!
First of all I will show you how the heck I did some gold in the AH, and my big deal where I bougth a 200K mojo and sold it for 8M .



You can find a really good bids, you just have to “snipe” them and bid on them. What I usually do is search items for my WD because I know more about this class than any other. Once you have in mind what item you are going to look for set the stats wich you would like to see on the item, check the prizes and go for them. Once you have seen the items and what price they are arround the “buyout” go for the time left and ending soon bids.
Let me explain myself because my english is bad. If boots like Zunimassa’s Trail sell for a minimum buyout 2M, if you can buy Zunimassa’s Trail for 800K this is a great deal, because you can sell them for atleast 1M more.
This items sell because there is people who play some hours and miss bids and they just want to have this kinda boots and they don’t look for bids they look for fast buyout and considering some stats. So if you bougth zuni trail for 800K and the lowest buyout with that stats is arround 4M you can easy say that you made money from buying something.
Here is an example :


I bougth boots for 2M and they cost 4,4M, so if i sell them I have insta profit! I spend 2M and get 4M I double my money!

A lot of people don’t know what buyout price to set, or they set a high price, they don’t sell it and then they are like “I will put it for auction to see what is his real price” . That’s wrong, they just overprice it before and now they are lowerprice it. And your mission is get this items and resell them for the rigth price. I recomend you to start with items from your class wich you really know their value and what your class needs, like the mojo I sold, I know that the importance of a mojo is the Avarage Damage, so I sniped this one for 200K and sold it for really good price.

The time of bidding.
I recomend you to bid one time, the first one to get the items in your watch list. When the item is about to end soon you can find it quickly and bet on it . Or if the item is about to finish soon just wait for the <1 minute and then bid, if they outbid you wait 5sec and bid. This will make you win bids easy. Don’t’ overprice an item, before making big bids make sure to look the same stats for buyout, if it’s good then you can risk more money than if the winning is only 1M because you can lose a lot. If for example you bid on an item 11M and you can only sell for 15M .. I don’t recomend you because blizzard takes 15% so your profit is not 14M, your profit will be 1,75M (15M – 15M*15/100). 

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