Bashiok: rune system makes the game interesting

About the rune unlock skills limit still continue to discuss, and therefore draw out a lot about the game personalized aspects of the problem. Bashiok this sends force, with a long blue posted a player’s answer. Let us look at Bashiok about rune unlock aspects and the game of personalized explanation.

About skills unlock runes set:

Players in the game will be affected by this or that restriction, and these restrictions are often taken for granted there. For example skills in specific level runes can only unlock, those not unlock skills rune nature can become inspire you further down one of the factors of the game. The setting may have some drawbacks, but overall, outweigh the costs.

About skills to the improvement of personalized rune game:

Skills to the game is absolutely runes personalized a landmark ascension. You these played the diablo ii, don’t be confused by this skill tree things, this is false personality, with skills than runes, the skill tree weak burst.

Regarding the game to set of the various restrictions (for example skills of runes unlock, etc) brought about by the late inconvenience:

On the one hand you cry to shout the request us to increase our various rules to increase the degree of resistance to play the game, on the one hand, and you worry over the course of the game because these rules you can’t make a perfect character…… To wake up, in the game you’ll die many times, you also can’t in purgatory difficulty to level 60 before. In fact you off to the difficulty in purgatory within weeks, you will be kept in the first scene of the ravaged, before this, you can’t improve your character will be in vain.

Not everyone can play purgatory difficulty:

The more you pay, the greater the return. Not everyone can play purgatory difficulty, this for a player too really is kind of temptation. Diablo 3 game four difficulty is not simple to add. In fact now many game has difficulty division, but only a small part of the difficulty will increase as the game into a way of order. If we can through the difficulty and will improve in the game more things across to the players, and that we can keep on difficult natural more players.

Don’t let the diablo 3 charges for life is our is too kind?

We have players said the rules of the game as some grapple game, through the customs clearance to unlock new trick the pediatrician. I want to say, this game somehow it is a lifetime. You buy a can play for a lifetime. Even if we let you put all the time is spent in the game, and we didn’t make a penny. Don’t know is we are too good and the world is crazy.


In a word, I can understand our mood. Oh god, I love the skills of the rune, but I just haven’t to 58 level! This is really egg hurts. But this is now the rules of the game. A to the game itself can benefit rules. Within reach of the things it is boring.

In my opinion, this is big pineapple rules of the game. In these restrictions under the rules, if you make uncertain your own character, then I can only wish you good luck in the purgatory. Or I wish you good luck in nightmare difficulty. This game is not so simple. 

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