Can the application on the PAX Beta qualification–Bashiok

If you in the eastern United States, you can go to PAXEast exhibition of diablo 3 booth Bashiok and Crithto visit. If you like it can also play the panda experience).

Of course, this exhibition the destruction of diablo god 3 players most attractive place is, live in Boston surrounding players can directly to and apply for beta.

(PAX = Penny Arcade Expo, held in Seattle, Washington, the city, and Massachusetts Boston’s annual game show. Founded in 2004 by Penny Arcade comic book writers, and network launched on the exhibition display all kinds of host game, computer game and desktop gaming. First held in 2010 in Boston.)

Head, live in Boston surrounding men, Crithto and I will be the weida invitation to attend the fair in PAXEast on free game experience and the cargo tour project. We will be in the hardware equipments of cargo on display in the diablo 3 “and” the pan Dali and the fog of “Beta, and and passing you chat, also can be directly applied to join the Beta oh.

To play games, and look for fun! …… And Beta Key! Although I know you probably CARES more about Beta Key. 

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