Collection of TuJian monster

Monster: the head (Headcleaver)
Description: the royal executioner
Haunted the site: Leo says rick corridor
Save Kane task in when large size of the skeletons. In Leo says rick WangTongZhi’s later, he became increasingly crazy, he put all of his suspect in the kingdom of plotting against all criminal caught up and the punishment of death, at the time of the royal executioner team don’t small. The executioner died, a skeleton still faithfully execute the skeleton in the commandment of the king, is also verify the Leo says rick before the death of that sentence: “traitor! Even in death, DuLaSi army camp still also served them king!”

Monster: · ella merari by (Mira Eamon)
Description: heidegger’s wife
Haunted the place: the cursed of the wine cellar
Camilla is the blacksmith heidegger’s wife, she and many in the town of infected people is locked together in the wine cellar, the player’s mission is to hand them together with the blacksmith “bury”. In task, you can find near the blacksmith merari sane is still awake to the blacksmith’s a say more moves last love letters.

Monster: Meg mo (Manglemaw)
Description: the crypt abominations
Haunted the site: profane crypt the second floor
Meg mo is looking for skeleton crown task, appear in the crypt 2 elite together against a strange. It broke into the wall to a player scene force, is also a typical diablo 3 mini boss war.
Monster: by secretary Evans (Chancellor Eamon)
Description: the soul of a guardian
Haunted location: the tomb of ministers
Dead by the minister’s soul into the grave keeper elite blame, guarding the Leo says rick’s crown. Had he is Leo says rick side minister, is also a blacksmith heidegger’s grandfather, died he and Leo says rick crown buried together. And in Kane mouth, the top old crown has become the skeleton key beat the king. In the players to take the crown, minister of the players is to think that the ghost will Leo says rick resurrection were born again, thus to guard the crown. 

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