Count will diablo iii test unique elite strange

Since last September open since measurement, we have passed the baptism of ten patch, killing the countless monster, do not know everybody in the big kill four of the party more than ever to note that could only in your hands to support within a few seconds of special elite monster, diablo iii is the number of unique elite blame for relatively diablo ii can be said to be great, increased, only in a short beta, we may see not dozens of unique elite strange. These elite strange with the unique name unique description and talent attribute, of course, the most prominent feature of the purple or their name. This party will lead you with textual research to explore the unique blame the secret of the elite behind. Of time and energy limited plus hand material seriously insufficient (many strange name and blizzard employees name be related), looking forward to selling another chance to take to make up after finish it. Also welcome puts forward Suggestions.

Monster: the DaoDing Captain (Captain Daltyn)
Description: the former captain of the guard
Haunted the site: the hidden cellar
Played for players should beta it impressed, the general is cold strengthened the guy is the game first slightly some challenging monster, in the beta after a few patches of blue first many people the weapon equipment is learned from it. DaoDing captain is originally a new tristram militia of the town’s captain, in different changed after happened, he led the militias and the zombie against, unfortunate fall of army, only current tristram militia at the captain’s survived. Players in and leah to find old Kane task, in leah mother anda leah cabin hidden in the cellar, have become the zombie DaoDing captain will take a group of! Go to appear.

Monster: the tragic Queen (Wretched Queen)
Description: the queen’s chief maid
Haunted the place: the ancient ruins
As long as played beta and even seen process video players met this monster, this is the first in the game will appear in the plot in the elite strange, finish the game is the first mission of the close the blame. The queen is many sad sad the matrix unique elite blame, from the monster Kane log we know, these can spit out the monster to ruminants zombies marched in fact is Leo says rick queen of the king of ai sheila (Asylla) maid, so the queen’s chief maid into a miserable the queen is also about the matter. 

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