D3 Auction House Tip

This was a fun tip that I really never thought about, but i’ve been using it for so long!
mempo of twilight2
Today I was browsing the Auction house and I saw that the items that are good are gradually increasing in value. Unlike before, Items are increasing in value.

I was thinking to myself, that’s strange. Usually the longer an item has been on the market, the less valuable it becomes. I came up with the reasoning for this. The more bad items that drop, the more people are willing to pay top dollar (or gold) for those really good ones. These great items seem like they are becoming more and more expensive.
Don’t Believe me? Let’s take a look.

About 2 weeks ago, I was in the market to buy a Mempo of Twilight.

Not just any Mempo of Twilight,I wanted something special. I was looking for one with 9% attack speed increase and Critical hit Chance. I thought it was time to try it out and see how it would help my DPS. So, I was browsing through the auction house and the least expensive one I was able to find was in the ballpark of 50 million gold. At the time I thought it was too expensive and figured, the price will drop eventually.

To my surprise I look on the Auction house today and see the lowest price for one of these was no less than 120 million gold!?!?

That’s when I did a bit of thinking. How do players, who might be down on gold obtain these great items?! How is the average player who doesn’t have all the time in the world obtain some of these best in slot items? Then I thought of something that might help lot of players out. This is something I have been doing ever since writing the Legendary Selling Blueprint.

Lease your Items!

That’s right! you heard me right! I’m no car salesman but I do know one thing. If you see that items like this are actually getting more valuable, what’s to stop you from buying the item in the Auction House? Then, when you’ve finished running what you want with your Character, resell the item for a higher cost! I think this could be a great idea. What do you have to lose? This can be done with lower costing items as well. The Mempo of Twilight is a very expensive example of this idea, but you can do this with some of the lower level items as well as the less expensive good legendaries.

Now, something that you have to keep in mind.

Remember that the items you “lease” have to be top tier items. They cannot be mediocre items as these will not go up in value. Most items in this game are declining in value if they are not skyrocketing up in value. So do not get an item with a stat that isn’t what every player wants more of in their character. An example of this would be Life Regeneration. This stat will not make the item more valuable! 

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