D3 Console

With the Diablo 3 console release coming on September 3, 2013 it is important to understand the difference between the Console and PC versions of the game.

No Auction House
The best news for many Diablo gamers is the absence of any type of Auction House system. The Auction House has been the target of a significant amount of criticism in the PC version and Blizzard will avoid this with their console release. Players will be able to trade directly with others in

Loot System
Since there is no Auction House, loot in the console version has been tweaked. There will be a much better chance to find relevant loot for your class. This should allow for much easier “self found” gameplay. Many more hardcore Diablo fans have been clamoring for these changes; these players may find the console version of Diablo 3 much more enjoyable. However to counter the difficulties of inventory management with a controller, monsters will also drop much less loot.

In addition to the health globes dropped in the PC version, monsters will now drop additional “Nephalem Glory” globes which will provide buffs to your character. These buffs will be extended which each additional orb picked up within the buff duration.

No Profile System
Due to the restrictions of PSN and Xbox Live there will be no central website which displays your character profile. Players on your friends list can be inspected, but there will be nothing to tool to compare yourself to players outside of your friends list.

Action Combat
Diablo 3 on the console captures the feeling of action oriented combat much better than pointing and clicking. The character is moved with the left joystick and will attack in the direction the player is facing with skills bound to each of the controller buttons. Naturally the precision of these attacks will suffer versus the PC version, but the player should feel more connected to his character.

Evade System
The console will make use of a new evade system to allow characters to quickly avoid enemy attacks. This is to counter the more precision movements available to a mouse and keyboard. The dodge system functions by simply pressing the right joystick in the direction the player wishes to evade.

Monster Behavior
In order for the game to better function on consoles Blizzard decided to lessen the amount of monsters present on screen at any given time. Instead of a massive group of enemies charging your hero at once, monster will instead attack in multiple waves. This should better fit with console gameplay.

Co-Op Play
It appears that the console version will support up to a 4 player split screen which should finally allow a form of “offline play” which Diablo 3 has been lacking. Multiplayer games through xbox live or psn will have a form of “drop-in” joining system similar to the current Public Game system. 

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