D3 Monk Playing With a Friend Guide

Before we go into specifics for this Diablo 3 Monk leveling guide, you should first know that out of all the classes, the Monk is by far the best class to play with groups. The Monk’s damage capacity is a bit lower than other classes, but it has the best group buffs and several enemy debuffs which make it an excellent class in group play.

You do not need to use a full party to make this work. If you only have 1 friend to play with, I actually recommend running a duo as Monk and Barbarian. The reason for this is that the Monk does solid AoE damage and has a lot of great debuffs to use on bosses (i.e. -25% damage dealt by the enemy, +% damage taken) but is a bit lacking in single target damage category.

The Barbarian on the other hand can come up with a very powerful single-target damage build if it focuses entirely on offense but in turn lacks survivability with such a build. The Monk can compensate for this weakness through healing, buffs, and debuffs.

Since they are both melee classes, you will not have to move to use Breath of Heaven and once you reach a higher level you can both benefit from the 16% damage buff provided by the Guided Light skill. Additionally, both the Barbarian and Monk deal great AoE damage through Cleave and Crippling Wave, making this an excellent leveling pair that will tear through content faster than either class could solo.

When playing in groups, be sure to use the abilities which take advantage of group play. For example, the passive skill Resolve reduces the damage of enemies that you hit by 25% for 2.5 seconds. When used against a boss mob or in an AoE attack against a champion pack, you can keep enemies dealing significantly less damage at practically all times. The best part is this means that your game partners will also take less damage, allowing them to be more offensively-oriented. 

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