Diablo 3 edition of set limit to kitchen knife suit: my grandmother

Will diablo iii will be determined on May 15 month released! Its reservation activity has been in March 15 to begin! To celebrate this moment, blizzard entertainment decided to launch diablo III of edition of set limit to kitchen knife suit.

Diablo III of edition of set limit to kitchen knife is blizzard entertainment to celebrate the diablo III and the German market and the famous “Aprilscherz” kitchen utensils, the technical cooperation to build the high-quality goods of kitchen utensils and appliances, each engraved on the tools are the handle diablo 3 signs and Numbers. Diablo III after releasing, this edition of set limit to kitchen knife to produce 401 total suit will, so every diablo III limited edition all kitchen knife unparalleled cow force of the shining collection value.
In addition, in this suit completing game in the same edition of set limit to the appearance of the legend items. Diablo III after the release, buy the diablo III of edition of set limit to the player in the kitchen knife set items in the registration in the only suit with input items registration code, complimentary legend in the game level weapons “grandmother”

Those who have experienced diablo II baptism players must be heard “Grandfather” (The Grandfather) this handle to baal and its fearsome teeth from weapon. “and blizzard also 10 years has been heard players complain that The Grandfather drop rate is too low, so blizzard will make up these defects said, let my Grandfather is no longer a minority of The patent.
Legend weapons “grandmother” level than you dream of “grandfather” big sword is more powerful. This weapon not only hurt higher, more powerful is its “+ 250% increase defense ‘special effects. In addition, holding the weapon, the role of the hair becomes white, this is the weapon is called legend level” grandmother effect “effect, this is the best in the game began the legend of the weapons.

At the same time in the future, blizzard entertainment will also launch “Thomas grandmother” items suit. (” Thomas grandmother “items suit detailed information will be announced later.)

Diablo III of edition of set limit to kitchen knife kits will be April 1,, in blizzard official mall sold, don’t miss the good opportunity, oh. 

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