Diablo 3 official novels are in the pipeline

Blizzard Diablo hereinafter referred to as Diablo recently disclosed official novel The Sin War trilogy will be on sale news, between film to paradise and burn the hell can not be balanced the conflict in the context of the novel by famous writer Richard A. Knaak could write like Blizzard works players are aware that he is also “world of Warcraft  three the author of the song. However, truly care about ng recently hinted in an interview with reporters, Diablo God may be brewing.

Ng in an interview with reporters, said, The Sin War trilogy has important implications for the understanding of”Diablo background story, and Blizzard also intends to meet the needs of players. When asked about the plot of the novel is the story of the game will affect the development of the ng novel system introduced Diablo world history and background story works, and will be adjusted on the part of the story, the story branching plot may be applied in the Blizzard any future plans.

When asked about the Blizzard launched Diablo 3 plan, ng and did not directly answer, but eloquently told reporters.I will not for a game below writing novels 。 I depicted is a world filled with the breath of death is not false, but I will not for future works. “ng and did not disclose what the exact message, but I think these messages Diablo fans have been enough excited for a little while, at least he confirmed to us that it is Diablo is far from the end.More news about Diablo please pay attention to our website. We will provide you cheap Diablo III Gold .
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