Foreign diablo iii is now fully open flash plugin map back, everything

A foreign hackers released his organization cracked the diablo 3 “the progress, they made a diablo iii of the Beta based on the third party programs (or we can call it plugin), the program function including immediately to quit the game (quit the game have 10 seconds countdown), immediately complete manufacturing (manufacturing process must be article read), loading a robot program and directly display the whole game map. All of the functions of it are as follows:

Open graph:

In the small map shows all units (normal unit for red, champion/Boss/rare monster blue)

In the map display the current underground floor exports

Always show small map markers

To mark green highlight “dirty cellar (Defiled Crypt)”

Other features:

Immediately to quit the game (ignored in the field needed to read the article to quit the game time)

Immediate complete manufacturing (manufacturing items need to be a period of time)

In the screen display a timer

In the bottom right corner of the hall that clock

Allow program (create/loading robot) 

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