Making Gold As a WoW Hunter

Just like in real life, Hunters are usually accompanied by their animal companions in order to track down their targets. This WoW Gold Guide would enable you to earn your hunter tons and tons of gold. This long-range weapon user may be able to get thousands of gold within weeks with the help of this WoW Gold Guide. Aside from that, you will also get more tips for your hunter that will improve its skills, its abilities, and more.

This WoW Gold Guide will take you to the places where you can farm gold easily that no other can give.

Because the hunters can attack mobs and creatures even without getting near it, it is best that they go to the Nagrand. This is where the Spirit Fields is located. In the Spirit Fields, they can attack the Voidspawn. However, make sure that you are already between the levels of 65 to 70 because this demon’s level is 61 to 66. Please remember that the Voidspawn can drop Oshu’gun Crystal Powder. Twenty pieces of the said loot item can give you a token as well as 8000+ experience. In that way, not only that you can farm for gold but you will gain experience at the same time.

However, it is the Mote of Shadow you are really aiming. The Oshu’gun Crystal Powder is actually just a bonus. The drop rate for the Mote of Shadow is at least 18 percent. Getting 10 Mote of Shadows will gain you a Primal Shadow. The latter can be sold in the auction house in exchange for 30 to 35 gold.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: Aside from that, don’t forget to loot green items as well. Green items can also be disenchanted or sold at the auction house as well.

However, an excellent WoW Gold Guide would not only give you one specific place to farm for gold. There are also other places where you can farm for gold with your hunter. Aside from the Spirit Fields in Nagrand, you can also head on to the Blade’s Edge Mountain where the Skald is located. The Skald is located the eastern north of the Blade’s Edge Mountain, adjacent to the Gruul’s Lair. In here, you can attack the Searing Elemental which drops Mote of Fire (drop rate is 25.9 percent). And just like the Mote of Shadows, you can turn 10 Mote of Fire into a Primal Fire which would cost 30 to 35 gold when sold at the Auction house. Many WoW Gold Guides would really recommend you to memorize where the Auction house is located because this is the best place where you can earn more gold.

WoW Gold Guide Reminder: Always remember that the cost of the items will depend on the economy of the server where you are playing.

But our WoW Gold Guide is not yet over. Another excellent place for a hunter to farm for gold is at the Shadowmoon Valley, specifically at the Fel Pits. From there, you can also get Mote of Fire from the elemental creature called Enrage Fire Spirit. However, the Enrage Fire Spirit’s level is from 65 to 69. More often than not, hunters that are level 70 and above are the usual hunters that can attack the Enrage Fire Spririt.

Although this WoW Gold Guide is more particular with the place and creatures dropping items, the details that you have found above can never be given in any other WoW Gold Guide. However, since the mobs are already high-level mobs and must be attacked from a distant area, this Wow Gold Guide is only applicable for long-range class like the hunter. 

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