Rising from the ashes .

In the beginning there is Final Fantasy XIV, it is not good . For most games , stories , Äôve ends. However, Square Enix , perhaps feeling that their precious team name is the danger of becoming too literal for a massive effort to keep the legacy of Final Fantasy marred such a disaster . Final Fantasy XIV: Rebirth of the realm do produce , PC and PlayStation 3 has achieved great success , Avenue of Stars . Beautiful , interesting , and only late in the game a little uneven , this dramatic transformation is easy to create your own history in the game as a most sincere and effective apology.

Main storyline is full of twists and struggles around the eye candy to give some meaning , even in the best little more than another good story, try to overcome evil . Nevertheless, it is equipped with a number of surprises. 35 about a shift in the Quick Launch into hyperdrive narrative , it never really lost momentum until it ends at 50 ( with sweet magitek your installation and reward ) . Reborn realm , so that along the clever use of film art , despite Square Enix company only took time to add one of their voices . Most of the time , you have to read the story , but it is , AOS well written , so that it , AOS is not just clicking materials . Fortunately, you can actually enjoy these sequences , these days, Ai server problems plagued a realm of rebirth two weeks ago now seems to be a thing of the past .Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

Most of the class system in the realm of rebirth great strength lies in its versatility : simply switch your weapons , you will become associated with weapons of any kind . This is true 1.0 as well, but here the transition is smooth thanks to a label , let you change between multiple classes second gear set . All classes also advance into the professional category , which requires 30 leveling ruling class and the auxiliary classes 15. ( In order to achieve my mess ” bard ” work, for example , my character needs to reach level 30 and 15 as a shooter as a boxer , it has an unexpected effect, I hope I can razed to the ground , rather than a boxer ) . This  design allows you to add a level each class has the same characters, but huge replay value , because you can borrow one from a secondary school classes ability , which allows some of the unique character basis , we can say that talent is much higher than traditional based systems .

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