StarCraft comes with over two hundred ninety two playing pieces

StarCraft comes with over two hundred ninety two playing pieces, including three race-specific bases: the terran Command Center, a protoss Nexus, and a zerg Hatchery. RISK: StarCraft launches this summer and will be available in North American specialty stores for a suggested retail price. The game is designed for 3 to 6 players and is recommended for ages ten and up.

Want a shot at naming a territory on the upcoming RISK: StarCraft game board? If you’re the lucky winner of USAopoly’s sweepstakes, you’ll get the opportunity to do just that.  to learn more and to enter, but be sure to read the before you do.

Wage fierce battles across the Koprulu sector and vie for galactic domination in a version of RISK that’s set in the chaotic StarCraft universe. Choose from Raynor, Valerian, Artanis, Zeratul, Kerrigan, or Za’gara, and crush your enemies with their military strategies and accompanying terran, protoss, or zerg forces. With fourty otherworldly territories at stake, there are no perfect moves, no guarantees, and no lasting alliances what will you risk to secure victory?



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