The call of the hell: tell your waiting for reason

Through the recently released by the complete diablo iii intro and many times the Beta test version update, we now have very intuitive understanding of the game, the game has also close to be released. So in the four years since released this time, what made you have been silently waiting for this game ? Tell your reason, and all people share, waiting for the moment to arrive together !

The horn of the special prepared Kane 20 tries account, according to the player’s return card issued the order you players for demo. Let all the players are playing in Beta is always our target. Well, for love of diablo iii’s you, what are you waiting for? Hurry to attend!

Activity rules: player in activities after state your reply post waiting for reason. Please remember, contents can’t more than 30 Chinese characters (including punctuation,). So, please say the direct reason, put your voice on to blizzard, transfer to each player!

Activities awards:
1: all effective return card, random 20 players rewards will diablo iii test account one!
2: all to participate in activities of the effective heel stick, all in turn will get the 48 hours of diablo iii demo time. We will provide a special 20 demo account, in order to you in accordance with the players.

3: we will randomly 10 players, they will get the blizzard official authorized black diablo 3 theme a mouse mat.

4: we will elect the most resonant wait for a reason, reward the blizzard official authorized black diablo 3 theme mouse a! 

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