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A: one of development diary: released the first paragraph exclusive development log video, the video describes the last spring, the game director Jay Wilson, art director Christian Lichtner, chief software engineer with Jason Regier discussed the development of the situation of diablo iii of the scene.

2: diablo 3: Kane’s book: the following information from YuDi card Kane himself illustrated book, Kane’s book, carrying a forgotten in the knowledge, this works recorded the history of the asylum before and shelter outside of the field, and tried to stop the last day to arrive.

3: development second diary

Four: development diary no.3: the third paragraph development log video released the story, on May 3, 2011, the game director Jay Wilson, art director Christian Lichtner, chief software engineer Jason Regier meet yet again, discuss some diablo iii testing of the biggest challenges facing and localization strategy.

5: BlizzCast# 17: listen to Rob Simpson and senior designer Jason Bender, senior sound stylist Kris Giampa content and design director Kevin Martens together about the objects in the diablo iii, task and perfect design. What is the capture voice breaks the best way? Everything is in BlizzCast # 17 exclusive video.

6: diablo 3: cult: this is publishing excerpts from the novel the deckard Cain with young and mysterious leah and the history of the struggle against evil. The story took place in diablo 3 events years before.

Seven: development diary from the four: release section 4 of development log video, describes the internal tests and games in complete launch date approaching, Jay Wilson, Christian Lichtner, Jason Regier, share their development process from diablo iii have learned, in their release will be how to send them after the time, and finally they want to tell everyone’s way of thinking.

8: development of the diary five: development diary from blizzard there five need to copy to come over.

9: character wallpaper: congratulations! Your actions that you get the new real art treasures. Please select any one here your favorite hero desktop wallpaper?

10: diablo fury: in the asylum is created before between angels and demons of eternity war has many centuries to extend. Blizzard entertainment will, hand in hand, famous director Peter Chung and its wide popular animation studio Titmouse made with works, with unique Angle of view to high heaven and show burning hell of the deadly battle between. 

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