The following is a Beta version of diablo iii in the game players and NPC of the conversation

Kane: I am the horadrim gens last descendant. Of course I can’t often released-in fact, if I start to public teach the horadrim tutorial, then in diablo in spreading his reign of terror before would know. Player: you don’t need to do that themselves to blame. Kane: when the first sign appeared, I didn’t do anything. I the old story ceng adaptation of as myth and legend, and tristram-no, the world–because I’m arrogant and pay a painful price.

Kane: I’m trying to make up for my fault. Leia and I spent his life time travel around the world, with the end of finding out about the little drops of prophecy. Kane: once I break the prophecy of all, we can control against the forces of hell key. Kane: I’m from my ancestors and seedy Kane (Jered Cain) there inherited the horadrim code, record the end of prophecy about content. Kane: this is for all the people can read one of the forces of the invasion warning about hell-with the development of history by many people in different places named. Kane: this prediction known part was not complete-I took 20 years has been trying to finish the prophecy. I’m sure including how to beat the inferno lords method.

Player: you and leia seems to be very close. Kane: if without her, I don’t know what it would be like me. Kane: oh, I had with leia must be very hard, with a crazy old man world of looking for burning hell beat the secret of the lords. Kane: ha. Although she has been and I share with these things, but she seems to be the work of my questions. I can understand that, because she had never seen diablo and his brothers and guy. 

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