World of Warcraft API

The World of Warcraft API, or WoW API, is a set of Lua functions and facilities provided by the Blizzard WoW Client, to interact with the World of Warcraft user interface. The list of functions below is incomplete and kept up to date through user contributions. You may also be interested in an automatically-generated exhaustive list of all API functions present in the latest live client.
For beginners, AddOn programming tutorial contains a number of very informative sources to help get you started.

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If you need help see API notation and conventions. You can also examine the existing UI code to find examples of how the various functions are used by the default UI. Function names could be prefixed with the following tags:

PROTECTED – This function can only be called from secure code. See the Protected Functions category.
NOCOMBAT – This function can only be called from secure code while out of combat.
HW – This function may only be called in response to a hardware event (from OnClick handlers).
UI – This function is implemented in Lua (in FrameXML) but was considered important enough to appear here.
REMOVED – This function has been removed from the World of Warcraft API (and should also be removed from this list).
For historical purposes, see the Removed Functions category. 

Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm was first discovered by Chief Goblin Engineer Gazlowe, during Rexxar’s visit to Orgrimmar. Beneath the city of Orgrimmar lies this fiery chasm. Recently, a clan of troggs known as Ragefire Troggs have begun to appear in the chasm, from deep below the lava-filled tunnels. Magatha the Seer, of the tauren people, attempted to make peace with these creatures, but was met only with hostility. It was clear that these troggs were not interested in diplomacy, and could potentially overwhelm the entire Horde if left unchecked.
A sect of the mysterious Shadow Council has also taken refuge in this chasm. This sect is known as the Searing Blade, and is led by Taragaman the Hungerer, a felguard; Jergosh the Invoker, a powerful warlock; and Bazzalan, a satyr. From their dark hiding place, they plot to overthrow and destroy all that the Horde has built for themselves in these lands.

From old World Dungeons site:

Ragefire Chasm consists of a network of volcanic caverns that lie below the orcs’ new capital city of Orgrimmar. Recently, rumors have spread that a cult loyal to the demonic Shadow Council has taken up residence within the Chasm’s fiery depths. This cult, known as the Burning Blade, threatens the very sovereignty of Durotar. Many believe that the orc Warchief, Thrall, is aware of the Blade’s existence and has chosen not to destroy it in the hopes that its members might lead him straight to the Shadow Council. Either way, the dark powers emanating from Ragefire Chasm could undo all that the orcs have fought to attain. 


With the goal of obtaining levels as quickly as possible it is recommended that if you decide to pursue tradeskills you choose those which will support the process.
Herbalism can be used to support Alchemy or add to your gold through sales on the Auction House or to vendors. Lifeblood will prevent you from dying so easily.
Mining can be used to augment your income by selling the materials on the Auction House or to vendors. Toughness increases your health.
Alchemy when combined with Herbalism provides many methods of negating damage done by mobs, especially casters like Shamans who can be more easily handled if you have Nature Resistance potions available.
Skinning is a good money maker as throughout your travels you will fight many beasts. It also won’t take much time, only 1-5 seconds after every beast. Miners and herbalists have to travel all the way to the nodes.
Tailoring might be a good choice if you are a caster or you just want access to cheap bags. Otherwise the cloth is better used for First Aid.
Blacksmithing is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
Leatherworking is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
Engineering is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
EXCEPTION: If you have Mining and only use Engineering to craft ammunition (for a gun-using hunter) or explosives (dynamite and bombs), then this may be a useful tradeskill. However, it should only be used to assist the leveling process and should not be focused upon as a skill. In other words, only use it for supplying essentials for your leveling (mainly gun ammunition) and not for any other purpose.
Enchanting is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
Jewelcrafting is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
EXCEPTION: If you have Mining and only use Jewelcrafting to craft stone statues (for additional in-combat healing), then this may be a useful tradeskill. However, like Engineering above, it should not be a leveling focus and should only be used to assist with power leveling. Doing any more than this will become costly and should not be undertaken during the power-leveling process.
First Aid should be trained no matter what class you are playing. It won’t yield much money, but it is inexpensive to train and a great help to reduce downtime.
Cooking benefits all classes, especially melee and hunters (it is a free source of food). Until higher levels, the benefits it provides are almost exclusively stamina buffs. While more stamina is always nice, cooking is not essential to leveling. Considering the time investment required, if you pick up skinning then cooking would absolutely be a wise skill to level prior to hitting your level cap, as beasts often drop meat useful for skilling up.
Fishing requires much time and does not yield much profit until its later levels. Unless you enjoy it for its own sake, avoid seriously delving into fishing until your level limit. It is not a bad idea to do a little when starting out a new character on a new server, though – the gray items you fish up sell for good money to a starter, which can help you out with your other tradeskills. 

Warsong gulch, the twin peaks

This is I don’t like keep flag DaQi field, in addition to occasionally with melee, most of the time thief is responsible for the flag.
I joked with group of friends, the other rogue if participate in the melee, want to also don’t want to, assisted him directly, and a dozen of the correct one. A wave of the chapter, and the second wave of packing! This ability is based on his teammates in the assisted the trust on the basis of the joke, but also reflected the status of a thief in the melee. If you don’t have a rich field experience and a keen sense of anticipation in the opponent is the premise of a mature team you’d better stay away from melee or blow out, otherwise you will ready to delivery skills at any time. Precise control over the use of skills in the melee ability is a basic test a rogue survivability.
Ok, back to keep the flag. Most current rating the battleground prop team’s standard bearer is daemon, resistance to beat can mill run fast is the characteristics of them. Here we choose sitting at home flag opposite points such as the druid to carry. Shift + M, open your map, see if your DE quick flag into their room, which means that each other’s basically also come to you soon.
Please don’t grudge your keyboard, press stop thief macros, in a small, close to the flags of the moment or he carried the flag at the moment of his nausea in situ, half chance can you boring into in the form of a cheetah. Ok, how about hands beat him how to look at your output ability. Each other, usually two options here, immediately pay entangling roots hanging chapter’s BUFF to run (or confuse you?) , or a hard fight you first and then do other plans such as confused you run or change milk such as bear continue to fight with you go to pick him up. To hand in the chapter, you already occupy a certain advantage, top you first hurt’s advantage more. But even boring to bear is also a kind of play, don’t you let him go? Was confused, please don’t pay a chapter to prevent instantaneous blows immediately (greatly blizzard hurry cut instantaneous blows!), haunted please disappear sprinting to play darts out of the slowdown, have sprint darts faerie fire cape directly go, anyhow gouge ah poison blade darts, please stick to each other, quickly request support.
In a guard’s Ken/skills under the condition of a thief difficult to kill him, at that time in midfield teammate can come back from DaQi and hold the other party in advance all the best treatment. If all your skills for delivery or to let him run, please review. If there is a treatment to meet each other is it’s not your problem, if a teammate is not come back to cooperate with you, then you can spray them go. General shadow dance wave with shadow edge wave plus being compelled teammates (1-2 people) can be sent away, at least can also be made of all of the skills for delivery.
Anything at this time received the flags, and escort home or back to the graveyard, in between stages, now you want heel regiment war now, may be followed large hit assisted, perhaps such as layer high sneaking down to each other’s back, or is suddenly out of the regiment war to bring two friends base wave RUSH, please remember to quote your skills. “3 seconds later I’m going to sneak attack”, “I have open the shadow dance”, “mage” I blamed it for you, “the other druids have no chapter I kidney shot smoke treatment under control!” And the like. Specific how to play how to paste, then see your skill.
“Smoke! 6 seconds kidney shot with him go!” 


For more rely on stealth skills sharp specialization, the first layer talent deceit is undoubtedly the best choice, in the face of a wide range of first AOE will not break stealth, free of small sized photograph dance, from the first skill to 3 seconds can even card the GCD with four skills, establish predominance.
Tier 2 talent is torn, throwing interrupt and stability effectively weakening of a rival 50% damage is very good choice, but isn’t for a heap of toughening thief, fragile plate is our biggest weakness, choose to prepare ready here, in the melee fighting with a kitchen knife, in front of the soldiers and hunters broke out more, we can save a little disadvantage, and stacked five layer shield wall BUFF of thieves, have treatment in melee, even better than the roof in front play harder damage DK and soldier, of course, the premise is you’d better have a lot of experience to predict the opponent’s next assisted target is you.
Layer 3 talents choose to feign death, in the blood poison is more and more tend to single brush, feint can’t in our energy is in short supply in controlled circumstances, thieves of players in the increasingly demanding fault-tolerant rate is more and more low, about 1 1/2 a possum is not so bad. Although sometimes we will die in feign death out of 3 seconds. All right.
Tier 4 talent is controversial, choose here to, to a higher rate of fault tolerance, double cloak have wonders whether offensive defense, two is the last opportunity, leading in some cases, the difference of the last 1 second interrupt flag open maybe difference is that a few yards, in my opinion, shadow step is great, but in the battlefield, more extensive adaptability than to momentum. As for speed, I can only say that blizzard 60 can amount to 50 energy do you think I can kill more than 10 energy is… Can’t deny it, of course, in some scene of advantage, but is still the problem of adaptability.
Tier 5 talent selection of most people should be evil counsel, there may be some with melee thieves will choose bullying talent, but I really have not seen, that is a 3 DPS play JJC gift of choice. Poison paralyzed, in most cases with tow people in vein silver crumbs, actual combat role slants small, mainly is that 20% chance too insecure, even 4 piece set S slow poison will break.
Layer 6 talent dart throwing is most people’s choice, maybe there are a few like the thief will choose a hunch to duel, as for generalists, I don’t want to evaluate its status in PVP. 

The shadow of the sword – rating in the battlefield a thief

Always want to write something rogue performance rating the battleground, coincided with insomnia again today, then code some word and everyone to share their experiences in the battlefield, if you have any valuable advice, please feel free to point out.
Copy opened after 90, engaged in forest, at the same time as the reality environment reasons, rating open battlefield 3, and 4 weeks after hit rating, at that time, no wheat, all honor suit with a weapon, and former head of the mixed up again after a few busy real transaction, then after a week or two, headsets ready, started began, the night by a group of 2500 + to my teammates drag matching with 2600, equipment has not been completely evil, but the second order weapons have been upgraded, damage has not dropped after people.
Visits thief zone and chamber, occasionally have a look at the blade, both in the game, or on the BBS, the rogue talent mobility and defense against the design and control ability is basically a cry of hatred, but for the rogue’s attack ability, recognition is accounted for most of the attitude to have, more common view is: thieves version – attack ability. At present, outbreak of ability but the outbreak of lead longer, mobility and defense against control ability is low, so that the list pick ability is poor, not with any professional one-on-one challenge before the bottom spirit, to borrow a BBS on see, is “to play with life hurt”.
Akrios offensive style as a thief, the original poster is aggressive in the battlefield, the defense is partial to weak some, put an example here, in the beginning not hit rating in a month, the building Lord beat 3 DPS with combat arms war hunting thighs, hit 2100 + because of their own strength problem, with the team and no aam guidance they were riding hunting eat have no confidence… To digress, bored with hunter’s teammate flag, I was just heap some toughness, systemic PVP and some 320 toughening gems, 7200 + toughness and hunters, hunter in large bust PVE, about 3 ~ 4 pieces of PVP, PVP strength cans be imagined, the original poster is a strong wind to shoot (the hunter in the last row of talent that, should be the name) burst of 15 w + damage, plus the baby chew two, most of the blood tube seconds after a possum kneel moment, since it is more resilient to the version of thieves ability lost confidence, strength of pile with PVP, stepping up efforts to attack. In I die also want to make your half-life of principle, the original poster to start the ratings war fighting on the battlefield. 

‘Star Wars’ vs. ‘World of Warcraft’ — wait for it!

OK “Star Wars” nerds (and by nerds, I mean totally awesome people), looks like you might have to wait a little bit longer than you hoped to play “Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

Electronic Arts has confirmed it won’t be releasing the highly anticipated, massively multiplayer online game until next April or even later.

Eric Brown, EA’s chief financial officer, said the game won’t launch until fiscal year 2012 – which begins in April 2011 (go figure) and goes into the following calendar year. This news comes courtesy of Gamasutra, which listened in on the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conference where Brown was speaking.

EA has been very vague about the game’s launch date, frustrating would-be Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors to no end … though folks at BioWare (the highly respected company developing the game) have said they are “targeting a spring 2011 release.”

The company certainly has plenty of reason to want to take time to do things right. Brown has previously stated that “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is EA’s largest project ever.

And with the many, many “Star Wars” fans out there eagerly awaiting this game, one can’t help but wonder if this might be the game that takes down MMO behemoth “World of Warcraft” — or at least takes it down a notch or two.

Many have tried. And yet “WoW” remains the king of the MMO hill. Certainly Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick isn’t sweating the competition.

Activision merged with “WoW” creators Blizzard back in 2008. And on Tuesday, Kotick told Reuters that he was not concerned that next year’s launch of “The Old Republic” would eat into the “WoW” user base.

“I can’t say that we’re hugely concerned about that … the audience for ‘World of Warcraft’ is a pretty committed group of players,” he said. (“Pretty committed” being perhaps the biggest understatement of all time.)

“WoW” currently boasts more than 12 million players. And, as of next week, the game will be getting the “Cataclysm” expansion, which is sure to draw in even more players.

So yeah, it looks like “The Old Republic” will have its work cut out for it. Still, “Star Wars” vs. “World of Warcraft” — this is one nerd battle I can’t wait to see. 

About World Of Warcraft Movie

I still think it’s insane to try and make a movie out of a game with no actual plot structure, but the rumors of World of Warcraft’s impending transition to the world of feature film refuse to die. This time, they’re being spread by Mike Morhaime, president of World of Warcraft game maker Blizzard.
Moviehole caught up with Morhaime at this year’s Blizzcon, and put him to the question. Morhaime tells them that there are still plans to make a World of Warcraft film. In fact, it seems they’re more than just plans since he says, “the script is being written.” Unfortunately, he declined to say anything more. Apparently he’s signed a bad contract, the terms of which require him to be shot should he reveal specific details. Get that sucker reviewed by a lawyer next time Morhaime!
So World of Warcraft: The Movie, is still out there somewhere. Whether we’ll see it any time soon, is another question entirely. Or maybe the real question here is whether anyone would actually want to watch it. Isn’t the whole point in playing World of Warcraft to come up with your own story? Why pay to sit and watch someone else’s quest when you could be off on the internet, living in your own buxom elf-babe world? 

WOW TCG Art Card Sets

Blizzard and Upper Deck are pleased to announce the World of Warcraft TCG Art Card Sets!Available exclusively at EBGames and Gamestop stores now, you can ownpieces of your favorite art from the World of Warcraft TCG!

The set includes:
35 different 8\”x10\” art cards displaying art from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
Horde Images by Dan Scott, Justin Sweet, Todd Lockwood, Jonboy Meyers, Samwise and other top artists.
Alliance Set Images by Kev Walker, James Zhang, Todd McFarlane, Michael Komarck, Greg Staples and other and other top artists.
An exclusive game-playable TCG foil card.
A high-point-value UDE Rewards Card. Use these points to get enhancements for your online game or other exclusive prizes. 

inside factor appropriate 1 using the dark areas

Shadowform could be the precise adverse regarding recovery and represents your Priest’s passion along with death. Shadowform is the best for individuals Clergymen whom ambition to perform DPS. Whoa platinum. Previously stimulated the Clergyman may about-face aphotic colored, inside factor appropriate 1 using the dark areas.

Shadowform boosts the Priest’s Adumbration injury and decreases all accident to the Priest, along with aswell cuts down on blackmail made. Amazing platinum. It aswell awards the actual alternative crash coming from Adumbration Term: Soreness, Consuming Cause problems for, along with Vampiric Effect means your adeptness in order to alarmingly struck regarding 100% extra harm.


Trion Worlds and the Rift team introduced a brand new way of playing the game today: Conquest! These bad boys are talking about open world, cross server, three faction PvP mayhem. See what we discovered about Rift’s new Conquer system and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.