World of Warcraft API

The World of Warcraft API, or WoW API, is a set of Lua functions and facilities provided by the Blizzard WoW Client, to interact with the World of Warcraft user interface. The list of functions below is incomplete and kept up to date through user contributions. You may also be interested in an automatically-generated exhaustive list of all API functions present in the latest live client.
For beginners, AddOn programming tutorial contains a number of very informative sources to help get you started.

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If you need help see API notation and conventions. You can also examine the existing UI code to find examples of how the various functions are used by the default UI. Function names could be prefixed with the following tags:

PROTECTED – This function can only be called from secure code. See the Protected Functions category.
NOCOMBAT – This function can only be called from secure code while out of combat.
HW – This function may only be called in response to a hardware event (from OnClick handlers).
UI – This function is implemented in Lua (in FrameXML) but was considered important enough to appear here.
REMOVED – This function has been removed from the World of Warcraft API (and should also be removed from this list).
For historical purposes, see the Removed Functions category. 

Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm was first discovered by Chief Goblin Engineer Gazlowe, during Rexxar’s visit to Orgrimmar. Beneath the city of Orgrimmar lies this fiery chasm. Recently, a clan of troggs known as Ragefire Troggs have begun to appear in the chasm, from deep below the lava-filled tunnels. Magatha the Seer, of the tauren people, attempted to make peace with these creatures, but was met only with hostility. It was clear that these troggs were not interested in diplomacy, and could potentially overwhelm the entire Horde if left unchecked.
A sect of the mysterious Shadow Council has also taken refuge in this chasm. This sect is known as the Searing Blade, and is led by Taragaman the Hungerer, a felguard; Jergosh the Invoker, a powerful warlock; and Bazzalan, a satyr. From their dark hiding place, they plot to overthrow and destroy all that the Horde has built for themselves in these lands.

From old World Dungeons site:

Ragefire Chasm consists of a network of volcanic caverns that lie below the orcs’ new capital city of Orgrimmar. Recently, rumors have spread that a cult loyal to the demonic Shadow Council has taken up residence within the Chasm’s fiery depths. This cult, known as the Burning Blade, threatens the very sovereignty of Durotar. Many believe that the orc Warchief, Thrall, is aware of the Blade’s existence and has chosen not to destroy it in the hopes that its members might lead him straight to the Shadow Council. Either way, the dark powers emanating from Ragefire Chasm could undo all that the orcs have fought to attain. 


With the goal of obtaining levels as quickly as possible it is recommended that if you decide to pursue tradeskills you choose those which will support the process.
Herbalism can be used to support Alchemy or add to your gold through sales on the Auction House or to vendors. Lifeblood will prevent you from dying so easily.
Mining can be used to augment your income by selling the materials on the Auction House or to vendors. Toughness increases your health.
Alchemy when combined with Herbalism provides many methods of negating damage done by mobs, especially casters like Shamans who can be more easily handled if you have Nature Resistance potions available.
Skinning is a good money maker as throughout your travels you will fight many beasts. It also won’t take much time, only 1-5 seconds after every beast. Miners and herbalists have to travel all the way to the nodes.
Tailoring might be a good choice if you are a caster or you just want access to cheap bags. Otherwise the cloth is better used for First Aid.
Blacksmithing is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
Leatherworking is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
Engineering is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
EXCEPTION: If you have Mining and only use Engineering to craft ammunition (for a gun-using hunter) or explosives (dynamite and bombs), then this may be a useful tradeskill. However, it should only be used to assist the leveling process and should not be focused upon as a skill. In other words, only use it for supplying essentials for your leveling (mainly gun ammunition) and not for any other purpose.
Enchanting is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
Jewelcrafting is not recommended during the course of these guides as long term development is involved and costly.
EXCEPTION: If you have Mining and only use Jewelcrafting to craft stone statues (for additional in-combat healing), then this may be a useful tradeskill. However, like Engineering above, it should not be a leveling focus and should only be used to assist with power leveling. Doing any more than this will become costly and should not be undertaken during the power-leveling process.
First Aid should be trained no matter what class you are playing. It won’t yield much money, but it is inexpensive to train and a great help to reduce downtime.
Cooking benefits all classes, especially melee and hunters (it is a free source of food). Until higher levels, the benefits it provides are almost exclusively stamina buffs. While more stamina is always nice, cooking is not essential to leveling. Considering the time investment required, if you pick up skinning then cooking would absolutely be a wise skill to level prior to hitting your level cap, as beasts often drop meat useful for skilling up.
Fishing requires much time and does not yield much profit until its later levels. Unless you enjoy it for its own sake, avoid seriously delving into fishing until your level limit. It is not a bad idea to do a little when starting out a new character on a new server, though – the gray items you fish up sell for good money to a starter, which can help you out with your other tradeskills. 

Playing the Auction House For Gold

The auction house can be a simple thing in which you walk up to the auctioneer, give them your item and name your price and you wait for someone to buy it and get your money from the mailbox.

The auction house can actually be also a complex thing, in which there are multiple techniques to actually make mounds of money off of, but it takes a lot of time and patience to be able to. If you’re willing to put some effort, research and time into researching the auction house, with a little help from some add-ons, you may be one of the few who can master the auction house and become the player.

A first technique is a technique everyone has probably heard of, but has never tried or not known enough to make money off of.

It is the basic, the simple, buy low and sell high. Buying low and selling higher can be one of the most basic, and a very efficient and easy way to make some quick cash or long-term cash off of the auction house. Though, it may take a little planning along with some add-ons along your side; Auctioneer can be a great add-on for this type of deal. Auctioneer takes a scan when you want it to, which takes around ten minutes, and records data of each item it sees in the auction house.

If you take a little time to scan the auction house each day it will help stabilize some good prices you can be able to buy an item for from the auction house and sell it for later. A thing to keep in mind also, while buying low and selling high, the price fluctuates in the auction house a lot. One day a single primal water can be worth twenty gold and the next thirty, but the day after that only fifteen!

When dealing with very popular items, open up a spreadsheet and record highs and lows each day for about a week. Use this spreadsheet to help you decide a good stable price to buy your items, then sell it on a good day later, and make a good profit off of it. A little time, a little research, and a little effort can go a long way with this kind of playing the auction house. Now onto, taking supply and demand into account.

You may have heard it at least once in your lifetime, supply and demand. Supply and demand is always what decides the economy; how much supply there is and how much demand there is can greatly determine how much an item costs. A good thing to use this technique is to take in some lists of needed raid potions of their mats, enchanting materials, and item crafting materials (like primals of course). A number of items is always in demand in the higher levels, but can suppliers fulfill the supply?

This is where you come in, with a bit of research of each day’s prices, take in some of that item at the best price you can find it and find a good day to sell it. A good example would be a day where there are mostly low amounts of that item, and sooner or later they would be all out, and yours would be the one left.

This is what you want to keep in mind, not all the time people are price knowledgeable or patient to get their items. Do not underestimate what they will pay for your item; if yours is the only one left and you only make a gold off it when you could’ve sold it for a bit more at maximum price, a very desperate person would buy it off you less than what they were willing to pay for! A very big concept to take in, with a little research required and patience, it is a very good skill to master to be able to get the most out of the auction house.

With these small techniques of many in the auction house with endless ways to play it, you already know a great concepts to know about how to play it correctly and always play safe. The auction house can be a trap, or treasure. The way you play it is the way it is decided. Happy auctioning! 

Easy WoW Gold From Questing

Tired of just running around whacking mining nodes to get your fix of gold to be able to buy that new epic flying mount you’ve always wanted but have never gotten yet? Are you tired of just doing linear things to make your money (ex : killing the same monster over and over again)?

Well, with a non-linear way and the amounts of gold you can make from it you have never thought about with hundreds to choose from, it’s easy to switch over in no time with the benefits from questing!

Questing you think, “How does that make money?! I thought it was just for experience!”

Well, every quest gives at least some reward for completing it, other than just that experience you may receive, wether it may be a small amount of bronze coins, or a green axe, the possibilities are huge! Also, at level 70, since you aren’t able to get any more experience from quests the experience you were supposed to get from that quest changes over to gold, raking in even more and more money! (Every experience you receive you get six copper for that, think of the money you’ll make!)

Woah, before we set off showing off some quests that may be available to you, maybe we need to think of something first. When you get that screen which gives you a selection of four green items, and you don’t need any of them, which do you choose? The rule of thumb, the stronger in melee combat it will be essentially it will be more to sell to the vendor. That’s usually the case, but that’s not always true the whole time! That’s why we have our great friend, the databases! Take a look at WoWHead if you aren’t sure at the moment and hover over the rewards, they should tell you the amount of gold it can be sold to the vendor; making money from quests can be sometimes take a little research, so be ready to look some quest items up and see which one sells the most to the vendor.

If you are level seventy, the possibilities for making money from quests are endless for you; you will find a multitude of quests available to you all over Azeroth and the Outlands. Assuming you have completed the pre-requisites for some of the daily quest factions, you can be able to make about ten gold a quest from each daily quest; think about the money you can make from those!

If you’re not sure where to start your pre-requisites to get your daily quests, get a flying mount and speak to the nice Draenei lady near the flightmaster in Shattrath; she’ll direct you with a quest to do before being able to get your daily quests.

Also, daily quests can be found at Thrallmar/Honor Hold, your respective faction’s quest hub in Nagrand, any capital city for battleground quests, and Terokkar for your PvP side of you. Along with some gold, you’re able to snatch up some honor for that new PvP gear, got two birds with one stone, eh?

Along with those daily quests there is yet another faction you have to please before doing some quests for them which is the Ogri’La in which you will find an orc sitting where all the vendors are in the Lower City which will direct you to some quests to complete before being able to work for the Ogri’La. Ever wanted to do instances, but never had a reason to other than just for fun? Tell your friends that there’s a daily instance quest for normal and heroic sides of an instance!

Completing these quests will give you badges of justice, enabling you to get amazing gear from the vendor in Shattrath! Finding these quests is easy enough, just speak to the Wind Trader Zhareem and Nether Stalker Mah’Duun near the orphanage for your dose of daily instances. Finishing up, we have the Shattered Sun Offensive which offers a large number of daily quests which can be obtained either from Shattrath, the Throne of Kil’Jaden and the Sunwell Isle.

Finishing up with faction daily quests, we have the Netherwing which has a very large number of daily quests to complete to finish up your twenty five allotted daily quests for the day. Though, with this number of daily quests, there has to be a pre-requisite to the Netherwing! Oh yes, you must have your epic flying mount to be able to complete quests for them; make sure you grab yours before trying to go for the Netherwing quests.

But, if you aren’t 70, you might not have a wide range of quests to do for your money. Do not fear! The databases are here, with WoWHead and other database sites having features to be able to list quests through filters around your specified level, you can find a multitude of quests to do! But, to do these quests efficiently here are some tips to look out for.

First, make sure if you want to do some quests, look for the largest number of quests in one area first, to make sure you can stay there long enough and not go back again, wasting money on flying costs. Next, take a scan on the quest objectives, making sure you don’t have to travel all over the place!

Don’t waste time taking the wind rider all over the place in the time you could be killing those boars, or escorting the princess out of the cave! Also, when deciding on the quests in the area you want to do, find the ones you can stack up. For example, if one asks you to kill an amount of harpies, and another one asks you to get some feathers from the harpies, do them at the same time! Don’t do them separately, you don’t want to run back all the way to the town and go back to the same place where you could’ve done them at once.

Finally, make sure doing that quest will reward you with a good enough reward; some of the old world quests have some similar quests that do the same thing but give widely different amounts of awards. So, pick out the quests that will give you the best amount of money for the time put into it! Knowing this, you are able to save a lot of time and make questing gold efficiently!

With these things in mind, maybe from the start of the article you have learned some tips of doing quests efficiently and quickly and make the most money out of them along with some ways to start up those daily quests! Happy questing! 

Making Gold As a WoW Hunter

Just like in real life, Hunters are usually accompanied by their animal companions in order to track down their targets. This WoW Gold Guide would enable you to earn your hunter tons and tons of gold. This long-range weapon user may be able to get thousands of gold within weeks with the help of this WoW Gold Guide. Aside from that, you will also get more tips for your hunter that will improve its skills, its abilities, and more.

This WoW Gold Guide will take you to the places where you can farm gold easily that no other can give.

Because the hunters can attack mobs and creatures even without getting near it, it is best that they go to the Nagrand. This is where the Spirit Fields is located. In the Spirit Fields, they can attack the Voidspawn. However, make sure that you are already between the levels of 65 to 70 because this demon’s level is 61 to 66. Please remember that the Voidspawn can drop Oshu’gun Crystal Powder. Twenty pieces of the said loot item can give you a token as well as 8000+ experience. In that way, not only that you can farm for gold but you will gain experience at the same time.

However, it is the Mote of Shadow you are really aiming. The Oshu’gun Crystal Powder is actually just a bonus. The drop rate for the Mote of Shadow is at least 18 percent. Getting 10 Mote of Shadows will gain you a Primal Shadow. The latter can be sold in the auction house in exchange for 30 to 35 gold.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: Aside from that, don’t forget to loot green items as well. Green items can also be disenchanted or sold at the auction house as well.

However, an excellent WoW Gold Guide would not only give you one specific place to farm for gold. There are also other places where you can farm for gold with your hunter. Aside from the Spirit Fields in Nagrand, you can also head on to the Blade’s Edge Mountain where the Skald is located. The Skald is located the eastern north of the Blade’s Edge Mountain, adjacent to the Gruul’s Lair. In here, you can attack the Searing Elemental which drops Mote of Fire (drop rate is 25.9 percent). And just like the Mote of Shadows, you can turn 10 Mote of Fire into a Primal Fire which would cost 30 to 35 gold when sold at the Auction house. Many WoW Gold Guides would really recommend you to memorize where the Auction house is located because this is the best place where you can earn more gold.

WoW Gold Guide Reminder: Always remember that the cost of the items will depend on the economy of the server where you are playing.

But our WoW Gold Guide is not yet over. Another excellent place for a hunter to farm for gold is at the Shadowmoon Valley, specifically at the Fel Pits. From there, you can also get Mote of Fire from the elemental creature called Enrage Fire Spirit. However, the Enrage Fire Spirit’s level is from 65 to 69. More often than not, hunters that are level 70 and above are the usual hunters that can attack the Enrage Fire Spririt.

Although this WoW Gold Guide is more particular with the place and creatures dropping items, the details that you have found above can never be given in any other WoW Gold Guide. However, since the mobs are already high-level mobs and must be attacked from a distant area, this Wow Gold Guide is only applicable for long-range class like the hunter. 

Five great games like World of Warcraft

The term “WoW clone” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to MMO games. Much in the way that every game with a first person view of a huge gun is not a Doom clone, there are plenty of MMORPGs that deliver a great gaming experience without being a copy of the Blizzard behemoth.

Even so, there is no denying that the most popular MMORPG for the last few years has been World of Warcraft, so it makes sense that we’d see a few concepts shared between different titles. Since there’s more than one place that sells hamburgers, it only makes sense that there’s more than one place that offers the WoW-like experience.
Talisman Online
Video games feel like one of the only things for which saying “if it’s free you can’t complain” doesn’t seem to apply. This counts double in the world of online gaming, where free-to-play games rise and fall on how happy they keep their communities. Talisman Online has a small but highly active community, and for the most part that group is pretty satisfied.

Account creation for Talisman is a little frustrating, mostly because they break a few basic internet rules, like emailing you your password in plain text. Once, I got over that and created myself a character, Talisman does a pretty good job of making sure you have a lot of unique content to start off with. The game places you in the “Ancient Orient” against a dark evil that you must vanquish. Instead of allowing to choose one faction or another to play for, you’re stuck being the good guys.

A good part of the game feels like it could be played solo, but once you leave the starting area for your character you can team up with whoever is willing. The battle system feels almost identical to World of Warcraft, right down to the starting placement of attacks and the hovering icons for NPC’s that have things for you to do. The soundtrack that accompanies this game feels like it is straight out of Final Fantasy, including the more aggressive but still 16-bit battle music.

If you’ve got some time to kill and want to jump into something a little different, Talisman Online is free to play and requires very little in terms of hardware.
Allods Online
Given the highly social nature of MMORPGs, most of these games do very little to integrate with your existing social networks. It’s not hard to see why — maintaining an online community yourself gives you the ability to control what is being said (this is good for keeping conduct above board) and see everything as it happens. Allods Online surprised me out of the box by offering my account creation to just come from Facebook, as though I were playing a smaller, web-based game.

The basic concepts behind Allods are all very familiar. You’ve got two battling factions to choose from, and neither of the races on either side offer any appreciable benefit during gameplay. Allods has a ton of class types, and limits certain races to certain classes initially. Once you are in the game, you go through a tutorial style first mission that gradually acclimates you to the rules of the game and the placement of the keys for everything. By the time you have joined the rest of the world you find yourself with a few levels worth of experience and the required skills to play the game.

Allods introduced some interesting concepts that aren’t found in a lot of other MMO’s. The spellcaster classes, for example, have access to spells early on that can be stored for combat later. Since one of the key PVP advantages to playing against casters is the ability to get up close and personal before they can charge up most of their powerful spells, this concept introduces a great dynamic that helps shake up the stereotypes found in a lot of MMO’s today. Since it is free to play and requires very little of your system, Allods Online is a great game for any fan of WoW style gameplay to check out.
Star Wars: The Old Republic
There’s nothing wrong with Azeroth or anything, but sometimes you just need a few lightsabers in your life. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) takes your character throughout what fans of the Star Wars franchise affectionately refer to as a stroll down memory lane. A game like this makes perfect sense, especially since Star Wars already has all of the hard parts laid out for you. There’s a vast yet extremely detailed universe, more races than you can count, and a clear cut line in the sand between one faction and another. It’s as if George Lucas planned the whole thing! All you need to make it work is a game publisher clever enough to shape the game around concepts that MMO gamers were already familiar with and you’d have a hit, right?

While it is pretty clear that elements of the character creation, battle system, and even the grind-style missions aren’t exactly original thoughts, there’s plenty of original content in SWTOR. The game features a completely unique set of plot points for each class type, though by staggering them through the same basic areas there’s still plenty of interaction between the classes throughout the game.

Recent updates like the Legacy system allow users to create entire families with stories that link into one another, allowing for the idea of a personal back story to flourish. The game itself has seen a number of attempts to keep users playing the game, including the move to Free to Play (with some restrictions).

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Expect Blizzard to launch a game for Linux this year

If there’s one thing that 2013 will be remembered for it’s as the year gaming on Linux got serious. This is already pretty much assured due to the launch of Steam for Linux and the dozens, if not hundreds of games that will bring with it to the Linux OS. On top of that you’ve got the launch of Ouya, which puts Android, and therefore Linux, in a console for just $99.

If that wasn’t exciting enough for January, then there’s another bit of news making the rounds this week: Blizzard is set to release a game for Linux before the year is over.

Michael Larabel, the man behind the Phoronix website and who first broke the news about Steam for Linux, has had it confirmed by a source at Blizzard that such a game is in the works. It looks likely to be a port of an existing game from one Blizzard’s very popular series, we just don’t know which one yet. Initially it will be targeting Ubuntu users.

Blizzard hasn’t released games on Linux in the past as the company failed to see a market big enough to warrant the cost of supporting it. It also helped that the Windows version of games like Diablo III run fine on Linux using Wine, even if Blizzard did ban such players last year.

It also turns out Blizzard already runs a lot of code on Linux, such as the server code used in a growing number of its games that require a connection to the Internet. A Linux client for the MMO World of Warcraft has also been actively developed and maintained as far back as 2011.

The top contenders for a Linux port have to be Diablo III, StarCraft II, or World of Warcraft. With WoW already having a Linux client working alongside two years of maintenance updates, it seems likely that will be the game Blizzard choose. The only question that remains is why they are doing this now?

If I had to make an educated guess, I’d say Blizzard is embracing Linux so as to ensure it can target more gamers in a fragmenting market. The market for Linux gamers is going to explode this year due to Steam for Linux, Windows 8 isn’t exactly doing great, and until now Windows has always been where Blizzard made its money so it must be a little concerned for the future. You then have to consider the emerging platforms such as Ouya, which already has over 63,000 backers waiting for their console to ship.

Blizzard already has Windows covered, but by embracing Linux it can appeal to the same market as Steam for Linux as well as target new platforms like Ouya. And who wouldn’t want World of Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft games running on a TV using a $99 console? That’s potentially millions of living room gamers Blizzard could cater to with both game purchases and monthly subscription charges. 

Blizzard says World of Warcraft isn’t right for consoles

When Blizzard appeared on stage during the PlayStation 4 reveal last month, I honestly thought they were going to announce World of Warcraft was coming to PS4. I, like many others, was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be Diablo III.

Blizzard actually making games for consoles is a good start, though, so can we expect a WoW port in the future? Or even the inevitable next game in the series appearing on Sony’s hardware? The answer, according to Blizzard’s lead system designer Greg Street, is no (sort of).

It’s not that Blizzard don’t want to release World of Warcraft on consoles, it’s more that doing so would form too big of a challenge. Street made this clear while talking to NowGamer, pointing to the very large hard drive requirement the game has, coupled with an interface that relies heavily on keyboard and mouse use.

Apparently, the PS4 is only getting Diablo III after the team went back and changed “the very fundamentals of the game.” Doing the same for World of Warcraft looks to be too big of a job to make it worthwhile, so while Blizzard still hasn’t given a definitive yes/no answer, I think we can take this as confirmation: World of Warcraft won’t be coming to consoles.

That shouldn’t kill all hope for a Blizzard MMO on the PS4, though. Street also said an MMO could work on consoles, but if Blizzard did it they’d go “in a different direction.” That at least points to the fact they have thought about it. And with next-gen console hardware expected to be very similar to PC components, it’s surely going to be very tempting to target multiple platforms for future games. 

Warsong gulch, the twin peaks

This is I don’t like keep flag DaQi field, in addition to occasionally with melee, most of the time thief is responsible for the flag.
I joked with group of friends, the other rogue if participate in the melee, want to also don’t want to, assisted him directly, and a dozen of the correct one. A wave of the chapter, and the second wave of packing! This ability is based on his teammates in the assisted the trust on the basis of the joke, but also reflected the status of a thief in the melee. If you don’t have a rich field experience and a keen sense of anticipation in the opponent is the premise of a mature team you’d better stay away from melee or blow out, otherwise you will ready to delivery skills at any time. Precise control over the use of skills in the melee ability is a basic test a rogue survivability.
Ok, back to keep the flag. Most current rating the battleground prop team’s standard bearer is daemon, resistance to beat can mill run fast is the characteristics of them. Here we choose sitting at home flag opposite points such as the druid to carry. Shift + M, open your map, see if your DE quick flag into their room, which means that each other’s basically also come to you soon.
Please don’t grudge your keyboard, press stop thief macros, in a small, close to the flags of the moment or he carried the flag at the moment of his nausea in situ, half chance can you boring into in the form of a cheetah. Ok, how about hands beat him how to look at your output ability. Each other, usually two options here, immediately pay entangling roots hanging chapter’s BUFF to run (or confuse you?) , or a hard fight you first and then do other plans such as confused you run or change milk such as bear continue to fight with you go to pick him up. To hand in the chapter, you already occupy a certain advantage, top you first hurt’s advantage more. But even boring to bear is also a kind of play, don’t you let him go? Was confused, please don’t pay a chapter to prevent instantaneous blows immediately (greatly blizzard hurry cut instantaneous blows!), haunted please disappear sprinting to play darts out of the slowdown, have sprint darts faerie fire cape directly go, anyhow gouge ah poison blade darts, please stick to each other, quickly request support.
In a guard’s Ken/skills under the condition of a thief difficult to kill him, at that time in midfield teammate can come back from DaQi and hold the other party in advance all the best treatment. If all your skills for delivery or to let him run, please review. If there is a treatment to meet each other is it’s not your problem, if a teammate is not come back to cooperate with you, then you can spray them go. General shadow dance wave with shadow edge wave plus being compelled teammates (1-2 people) can be sent away, at least can also be made of all of the skills for delivery.
Anything at this time received the flags, and escort home or back to the graveyard, in between stages, now you want heel regiment war now, may be followed large hit assisted, perhaps such as layer high sneaking down to each other’s back, or is suddenly out of the regiment war to bring two friends base wave RUSH, please remember to quote your skills. “3 seconds later I’m going to sneak attack”, “I have open the shadow dance”, “mage” I blamed it for you, “the other druids have no chapter I kidney shot smoke treatment under control!” And the like. Specific how to play how to paste, then see your skill.
“Smoke! 6 seconds kidney shot with him go!”