Monster analysis—6

Monster: help in tracking down arsonists who (Firestarter)
Description: burning into slag
Haunted location: on the first floor the cathedral
This is in beta decay of the early to join the elite food bats, born bring “lava” affix attribute, of the current version seems to have been removed.

Monster: the gliding wings (Glidewing)
Description: death carrier
Haunted location: on the first floor the cathedral
And an elite food corruption bats.

Monster: John, gorbachev’s · card Finn (John Gorham Coffin)
Description: digging the corpse
Haunted the site: profane crypt
Here is a monster of a elite tomb raiders haunter image. About the monster name and description or some of the head, in fact in the 19 th century, due to the lack of legal supply body of medical development lead to Europe each school of medicine is body shortage, stole the trade body naturally become quite developed, in this industry is called to dig the corpse. Because of the preservation measures behind, fresh bodies become popular “goods”, the same happens in America, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York became the rob steal dead bodies of the worst-hit areas, medical school use fresh corpse became common steal it, until the middle of the s, a named John Gorham Coffin of the famous professor, the doctor to the doctor in the deal the practice of bodies put forward the moral challenge.