Diablo 3 elements of the minor damage effect has been removed

Jay Wilson and the collection, Bashiok push. Note, Jay here again the elements in the diablo iii damage removed the secondary effects. This estimate is a lot of players are confusing place, seems to poison damage won’t last fall blood be very difficult. But, this is it!!!
Jay Wilson’s push especially:

The shaman poison damage is how operation, is as a tear of the soldiers that reset last time?

Will diablo iii toxin and in diablo 2 different. Will not necessarily to plus a DOT. The DOT only in caused skills have indicated that word will reset last time.

Say so, what attributes can increase the probability of poisoning let goal?

No “certain probability poisoning,” said one. You hit is hit.

This means that goal will only be a poison effect influence, the longest the highest damage?

Let me repeat: poison damage and the diablo ii. And no second effect, as sacred flame and as just a kind of hurt type just. So the answer is no. No DOT. Some skills have DOT effect, some skills are toxic damage, but not on the default poison damage to target DOT.

Editor’s note: probably a lot of players see these questions are baffled. Blizzard in the q&a fansite ever mentioned: the elements in the diablo iii damage removed a secondary effect (in addition to cold damage of the frozen effect). That is, poison damage sustained fall blood will no longer cause the DOT. So, if one of your skills, writing on the show, can give on target DOT, so you will be to the skills and will be on target DOT the second attack reset the DOT duration. But if you just take a pair of toxin and weapons to cut down a strange, so will not put off target for the blood of DOT, and that is with the diablo ii different.
Bashiok push especially:

Recently published sources said purgatory difficulty will be easier to start point, then there will be more difficult?

Yes, each section will ascend some difficulty, but not before like a difficulty. A: oh, I’m sorry clarify, began to no difficulty purgatory become a little bit more simple. We just make it more difficult to purgatory.