Realms are essentially the world of world of warcraft which has been created in this game.

Realms are essentially the world which has been created in this game. There are people versus people realms and people versus environment realms. Many players believe that it is more difficult for players to level on PVP realms. Well here are some suggestions to help you to accomplish this more effectively.

World of Warcraft is a very complex but incredibly interesting online game. Devoted players spend many hours moving through the wide variety of levels and scenarios. One aspect of the game involves world of warcraft PVP realms. We’ll discuss this further and provide some examples.

1.Understand that chances are you will die from time to time. This is an integral part of PVP so accept it for what it is.

2.Remember that enemies pick on vulnerable targets. So keep yourself healthy to avoid becoming that target.

3.Use an effective buddy system. This avoids your enemies from trying to pick off vulnerable individuals. Remember strength in numbers.

4.Make certain to monitor the defense channels. Your local and world defense chat are a great early warning system to help you to avoid going where you shouldn’t.

5.If you find that you are being “ganked” or “camped” then announce it to your local chat channel. You’ll find that friendly and sympathetic players of all levels will be happy to assist you.

6.Staying in a town does not necessarily make you safe. If enemies know that you are there, they can hunt you down.