How to make the contestants believe that Diablo 3 is not designed to Electronic Sports

We have no plans for Diablo 3 electronic sports projects. Diablo 3 has never been in accordance with the Electronic Sports to design, not every game is suitable for e-sports. Other hand StarCraft 2 the beginning of the design is to press forward the e-sports direction. In fact, the “World of Warcraft” no, but I think that the team eSports atmosphere ideal for Warcraft elements, and in this event, we have received the enthusiastic response of the Chinese player community, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime said. I think it is a different way to the Diablo series, we can have a certain confrontation ingredients, I think after BlizzCon, we may for the players in the game set a different mode of competition, but this and the establishment of the professional game architecture different.

To do this, you need to have a very well-conceived plan, you need depth strategy, you need to expected strategy is successful and balanced, adequacy interesting and rich ornamental, these are indispensable. We’re not sure we will be developing in this direction Diablo series. Because a lot of other more important elements in the Diablo series.

Has been concerned about the content is one of the Diablo community players Diablo God will go the road of electronic sports. From Diablo II era, many players have been very to enjoy PvP fun game. Diablo 3 on sale at the beginning does not load the any PvP ingredients, but because so many of the players concerned “Diablo 3 is in the e-sports to prepare for this topic. Blizzard announced that the PvP system will not appear after the first episode of the game, the game of Major League CEO also said that Diablo 3 is in preparation for the Electronic Sports.more cheap D3 Gold you can visit our site !