Mercenaries people pet problems and Feasibility

This article will mainly talk about the PTR 1.0.5 After the test, about hunting Majin overall program balance problems.

First of all, one sentence summary of pets: 1.0.5 in the upgrade of a variety of pet and guard whistle (for example, attack speed boost), but they now have been unable to cause crit.

After tested, the the crit probability and crit damage will no longer be affected. They are not affected and your other skills that can cause crit panel DPS.

As 60 hunting magic crit usually lead to DPS increase of 100-400%, so the pet can only cause about your panel DPS 20-50%, depending on your equipment. That pet (especially Methodist whistle), in fact this has led to the damage caused by lower than 1.0.4, makes them more than similar programs in other occupations in 1.0.4 where no future.

This program diversification and overall balance what that means?

Combat pet

Combat pet can not crit, they damage unattractive, you only want to use those supporting pet. That the bat battle pet (for Mercenaries people increase hatred generated) or wild boar battle pet (high viability full anti hunting Majin and life. Replies) will be used more to find diablo 3 gold.

At the same time, the enemy AI improvements make the tanks class pet more useless than the zombie dogs. The enemy does not have a hate list, they are the face of the the 3-4 only zombie dogs and witch doctors players in, as well as a player and a pet hunting Majin players, more straight to take the players.

So, Blizzard either these skills to restore the ability to crit pet has some special ability to make players want to use, or else you have to let other war.

Wei whistle

Methodist whistle does not move, and can be output in a protracted war, they must be raised on the DPS. In 1.0.5 where you spend 30 hate arranged a 30-second guard whistle, caused damage equivalent to your panel crit part of the 88%, probably 28% of the of Mercenaries panel injury for me, and you Rune can choose a smaller role.

This is equal to the Guardian whistle meaningless for me, and when used, I think the obvious weak compared to other occupations. Including, in particular, after 8 seconds, you can layout the second guard post, and eight seconds later arrangement third (if you choose the passive skills instrument tuning). You’d better put that skill is leaving some complementary skills and usual to use your Xiehen skills output, especially when you are faced with not a single target.

Combat pet is the ability to restore crit will be able to solve these problems. Even if the damage is reduced to 55% from 88%.

Mobility is still very good. Jiao Yan footprint damage reduced to 300% is still a good skill, The Life of monsters under the no / low monster strength is much lower than 1.0.4 the hunting magic 1.0.4 under pressure Farm, at 1.0. 5 no / low levels of difficulty can also be very comfortable Farm.

Viability is no longer like 1.0.4 as two-dimensional. 1.0.4 where my perennial sneak into the Shadow, and the total feeling that this skill is not attached will die. 1.0.5 There are two changes: First, inflict damage reduced, The boar war the pet and passive skills perfectionist survival ability. So that we do not have to sneak into the Shadow in being forced to use the same. The other is the effect although reduced, but increased duration, so that we can easily let defense capability more durable, and will not appear in the course of the fighting “approximate invincible”.

The hunting magic people still lack of long-term (outbreak) DPS skills. Let me explain, the hunting magic cluster of arrows and pierce are good DPS outbreak skills. But in the long run, the enemies in the single player mode monster strength may have up to 250 million value of life, sustained DPS output skills really scarce. This makes hunting magic not only powerful the Zhan Zhuang DPS skills,
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