Diablo 3 novice monks enter fitted performance

Everyone was once a novice, everyone used to be a pauper. Provide a novice monks, equipped with ideas, considered to be the most economical with law. Because I had no money, so I was with. The monks want to Farm Act III, only three things are required: the blood back to the means of defense and dps.

Said first means of blood back. If your target dps is more than 70,000, you can steal. If your goal is 70,000, honestly strike back, others are crap. In addition, you also need a second means of blood back to the blood cell response, as well as supporting the skills and hematocrit Reply pickup distance. You how much dps you need 10000 + blood cell response. As for the pickup distance I personally recommend, dps, but 60000 is best not to heap. Moreover, you are full of blood do not you eat blood cells. I think you must deeply understand a proverb: timely help when not retreat when you are strange dry discovered just left a blood cell. As to strike back, my personal opinion is stacked to 800 + , My suggestion is a necklace and a ring.

A necklace and a ring can easily provide 800 blow back, I compared a myriad of equipment, I found that most people are willing to use weapons heap strike back, resulting in a 800 + hit back investment in weapons is far greater than a necklace and a ring . Necklaces and rings losses blast injury is just equal to the weapons of a hole, so I recommend using the ring and necklace heap strike back.more skills and news welcome to visit http://www.vipdiablo3gold.com/ .

Besides defense. 650 anti-armor 6500 35000HP is the bottom line. Many people will ask Armor is how heap up. The same property and equipment, try to pick with the force, and the band strength are given away. Pick weapons , try to pick the same dps low white high sensitivity. To know that the same dps, and white in addition to providing dps completely useless, Agility Increases armor Dodge also improve dps. Some people prefer to heap good high dps and armor the insufficient open dodge mantra playing, this is completely wrong. Because convicted mantra nearly 50% of the damage, the same money, opened conviction Armor compliance to play. So be sure to pick about three prefer loss dps with high armor, then open his own conviction and do not figure the panel nice that also needed to open dodge Armor mantra.