Diablo III Account Compromise

If your Battle.net account was hacked and its security compromised, follow the steps below to resolve the issue. Customer Support may roll damaged accounts back to a previous state to address property lost as a result of a compromise.

Account & Computer Security

Make sure that your Battle.net account, password, and email address are secure. Follow the steps on the Account and Computer Security page.
If you have not already done so, reset your Battle.net account password.
Consider adding a Battle.net Authenticator for additional account security. Visit the Battle.net Authenticator FAQ for more information.
If in-game property was lost during the compromise, you can use a support ticket to request to use one of your two account rollbacks. See the below for information about the rollback process.
Account Rollback

We use periodically updated save points to provide Diablo III accounts a maximum of two lifetime “rollbacks,” which return the account to an earlier state. We cannot manipulate or change any aspects of a rollback and some game progress may be unrecoverable.

All non-Hardcore Heroes in all regions will be rolled back to their state at the time the save point was created.
All items on the account (worn, inventory, and stash) will become account-bound and cannot be traded.
Auctions that were created after the save point will be canceled and removed from the auction houses.
The account will lose Real Money Auction House access until an authenticator is attached. If the account is rolled back a second time, access to the Real Money Auction House will be permanently disabled.
Save points are not kept indefinitely. If an extended period of time passes before a compromise is reported and we no longer have access to save point data, a rollback will not be possible.

Note: Blizzard provides rollbacks as a courtesy to players, and not as a guaranteed service or part of the core Diablo III experience. Blizzard reserves the right to withhold a rollback in its sole discretion, including in any circumstance where we believe there has been suspicious activity, an attempt to defraud our staff, or other negligence on the part of the account holder. In cases where players provide false or misleading information in an attempt to obtain a rollback, Blizzard may suspend or permanently close the account. 

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