The budding mance and the northern Virginia leaves the continent

Located in the northern of budding mance of the leaves is reach sand ROM southern Virginia after the first visit mainland area. The region has John terry and respectively, the two villages trier wong composition. Village respectively the jungle of pollution around, the ancient jungle, the life of the canyon, Virginia leaves plug foothills. In these areas can blow hunting upgrade.

Pollution of jungle, the ancient jungle, the life of the gorge is a heavy monster respectively, here basically or in the group of mainly hunting area. Leaves the foothills suitable for single combat Virginia upgrade, complete some common tasks can choose to here.

· the jungle of pollution

39-42 level justice, heavy monster dives. This is the party hunting area, the difficulty of one of low place. Main or justice in the majority of the monster. If, you is 38 level, and legend level can choose to weapons props here hunting upgrade. (remember, hunting time will long)

· the ancient jungle

39- -43 level justice, heavy monster dives. Here is the burka yunus demon knight area, his actual attack the efficiency is very high, so you need to be careful.

· life of the canyon

39-42 level justice, heavy monster dives. Here is a link, the location of the village in Los Angeles last, and very high hunting upgrade efficiency, and a lot of players can choose to upgrade play blame here. Because, here are the saint area of the watchers haunts.

· the foothills, Virginia

39- -41 level ordinary monster haunts. Here is the single best place hunting area, and the group will also hunting without any restrictions.

If in the blade and upgrade to 42 Virginia after level, he will travel to wes Tony and. The player will be waiting here has 42 grade level off treasure area props legend “death brought art institute dungeon.” 

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