NPC and of the conversation, help players in the beta to learn about the plot of the game

Leia: my life as the dean card at the uncle travel around the world, with his research those crazy doctrine. Player: your uncle looking for? Leia: he believed that hell will come to attack us forces of the world and cause we perish. For years he has been looking for a way to stop the…… Apocalypse.

Player: you from your mother leave things to know??????? Leia: she’s not tristram locals. She came in tristram accident. Leia: she is to find some what of, but I’m not sure what is looking for. She reminds me of my di card at the uncle, indulging in the angels and demons of war between.

Rumsfeld: evil is starting to make our painful price. I’m most worried about is that we blacksmith heidegger. She’s wife were injured, and his task is responsible for monitoring the injury occurred after variation. Rumsfeld: his family had enough miserably. His grandfather, Leo says rick’s prime minister, the first time in 20 years ago demon invasion tristram time was killed. Rumsfeld: I am willing to join the militia team because I think this is the right. But I’m not meant to be the leader. Player: a few can. But they are all your all, you need to take a good lead them. Rumsfeld: say it easy. You these brave is by nature a slew monsters to grow up. I…… I’m just a farmer.

Rumsfeld: when leia tell us the dead began pouring into the cathedral, we’ll try to the results they. Rumsfeld: begin to look we are successful, but…… The dead are coming continuously. We…… We were number suppressed. Dalton captain and others fought bravely. Rumsfeld: they protect me. I’m not meant for a soldier. I just…… I used to be a farmer. I shouldn’t have to drag them back. Rumsfeld: I don’t know how I come back. Others also don’t know. Anyway, I should now be led these militia are protecting the homeland.