Monster analytical– be continued

 Monster: the Caretaker Mccree
Description: death bearded man became known as the watchers
Haunted the place: the cathedral gardens
The watchers this is an elite skeleton warriors, this monster name comes from the world of warcraft chief level designers Jesse McCree. About this strange details please refer to article: rare legend TuJian 1-this creature the watchers.

Monster: the Cudgelarm
Description: the undead giant hammer
Haunted the place: the ancient grand is on the first floor at the cathedral of the elite gather blame appear dead. Remember the diablo ii of the giant hammer Death (Death Mauler)? And the ancient grand the big guy is perhaps the body of Death with giant hammer scissors-and-paste job.

Monster: the Dataminer
Description: the spoilers
Haunted the site: profane crypt
This is a blizzard recently joined the elite of grave robbers haunter of the beta. From the name to the description is a typical blizzard type taunt monster, how again careful or by fanatic players to the client analytical a TongTongTouTou. It is worth mentioning of the cabin skills “jail” can firmly lock players to make it can’t move.

Monster: Digger O ‘Dell
Description: will be removed
Haunted the site: profane crypt
And a beta of the elite of grave robbers spirits. Its name from The 1950 s last century in The United States popular radio situation comedy series “comfortable Life of” The Life of Riley, then adapted for television as well received. The popular role is bright red by John brown as Digby. 

The unique elite strange of (To be continued

Monster: the Sarkoth
Description: the treasure hoard
Haunted the site: wet cellar
Sarkozy, is an elite lizards strange. In the random dungeon wet the cellar, a player has a chance to see an empty treasure box, is on the side of the sand and the men’s, quite consistent with its description. Sarkozy, the name from the world of warcraft tribes near the village of new orc NPC.

Monster Aaron Bright
Description: dead bard
Haunted the place: the cathedral gardens
Aron · Madeleine albright is at the cathedral of the northeast corner of the garden accessories randomly appear a elite zombie monster. When players come closer, it will be from subjects and the underground. This monster name seems to come from the diablo 3 development team role designer Aaron Gaines.

Monster: the Braluk Grimlow and Ragus Grimlow
Description: death greed brothers
Haunted location: the first layer of the cathedral
Case miro both brothers are haunted by the first layer in the cathedral of the elite absurd strange.

Monster: Captain Cage
Description: the commander
Haunted the place: the cathedral on the fourth floor
Cage in the cathedral layer 4 captain parts of the elite the shield skeleton warriors. Say to the cage said to the captain, you first thought??? What??? For, of course, is superhero comics. Black super hero Luke Cage Luke Cage childhood is in black neighborhood gang fight through, was the former friends against Luke for prison break and become gene restructuring plan of volunteers and in the experimental process were disgruntled police against, but he not only not dead, and also won the superhuman endurance and power, to have a sense of invulnerability skin. Hero “civil war.” later, he became the new captain avenger. 

The battlefield, tribal winning percentage is not high also, probably also than Mr Hill and conquer the better.

Love the runs

This battle in the tribe I winning percentage is high. Union like the opening blunt KD and T, tribes like blunt FM and T. Basically no accident is the control of the alliance/horde home base, and then take FM alliance and horde KD, T in the rallies. Tribal and almost won’t have decent FM resistance (I play league is always very smoothly with KD). But FM in parachute down after the win gentle skills will jump directly support T, and to have to go around from KD T for a long way. Another league didn’t seem to like to keep SL, often by horde steal. Tribal NC is there are at least two people in the keep. Tribes get like private positive after SL, plugging in the league at birth. In short this battlefield tribe considerable.500.

Storm *!

The opening I brush screen “T than 7 important priority, T, had seven don’t pay”. Nobody reason I. A opening a group of people flocked to the 7 there, alliance for two people over there the FS and DLN change to blue and others from straight and XJL side kill MN, tribal side because many people in the middle with 7, and keep all tower is empty. In most cases the league 3:1 (MN and XJL alliance can at least take down a), and then hold seven tribes. Take the 7 T see among the well and sat back right away. But just don’t know that collective action, is often XJL to two, MN to a, be useless. Some people go to the FS and DLN, prepare the alliance also steal a down. Then take seven of the elder brothers a look T situation critical condition, so the word in a 7, resource point immediately more than alliance, estimates that elder brothers heart also secretly pleased that a 7 can set the tide? By this time they saw seven points where two league in the land as no one took 7, then constipation commonly held to don’t hand over… Or is seven points among keep people meet the seven, has played a relay. They saw alliance resource point soared. 1000:300, at this time the tribes begin to start a restless and uneasy start players begin very literary spray.

The battlefield, tribal winning percentage is not high also, probably also than Mr Hill and conquer the better.
Ancient beach: personal feeling winning percentage half-and-half, tribal alliance is of little advantage in green door on which side of the gun 2 B. Alliance tribes feel since is 50%, so there is nothing to say. Which side is basically two forced many which side lose, which side which side won the small white less. Although many people all say tribal population much so all sorts of crowd is much also, but ancient beach really can see a wonder in the league.

Warsong and Gemini peak: if I were tribes, and I will love this two battlefield, like I in the league’s great love and conquer the mountain, I played a week battlefield, these two battlefield hasn’t lost. Special twin peaks recently festival, honor hua hua of price rises. I this undercover began to love dearly union brothers…… All kinds of pit graveyard, all kinds of block 7, all kinds of sharp various time ah.

Union special like plugging in a small piece of place among group war, tribal side also someone go to battle group. But the difference lies in the league to the war is group DZ, SS, FS, tribes of the war are basic group DK, ZS, QS. I almost didn’t see a tribe in open battle DZ had appeared, basic is 7 people wander in and around protection. Although mammy such as @ # tribe sturgeon general rare, but for the protection of the 7 but is very tight. This let me is very mixed feelings. Tribal often a milk all have no, alliance with milk three or four, the results of the final win or tribe. I also don’t understand is why, but is won. 

About conquer

If Mr Mountain terrain for alliance favorable, the total this is fair to conquer, so symmetrical a map. I wonder, tribal whether all the hunger (Mr Hill on a woman always arms blunt), to conquer all like % ^- Several people shouted at the plane started. And two or three people in the ore is open. And then I go to the wharf, I have been determined wharf is worth more than a plane. This is probably the general idea alliance, because I saw alliance at least two teams of people gathered to the pier, count me in on this side of the tribe to five, and a milk to all have no. Finally be biu death is shot dead by kitchen knife chop down dead be control to death in short is put out.

When we wharf fold ji, the plane there over the voice sounded. So immediately someone says “speed airborne”. So a large group of people in the United States, 101 t for example, into the league courtyard, and then a few people like ants move general began to take bomb blast door (more people looking in the league is a few scattered in the resurrection of home league experience to the slaughter of pleasant sensation)

At that time, 90% of the situation is workshop wharf blue, the plane red, two ore side a. The plane became tribal only hope, then dropped all army, when a group of people gathered spectacular dropped into a league of their hometown, etc in the next with 2.16 million blood mechanical items. Early has dropped in the league in the home of the graveyard, so we watched the 2.16 million blood items such as mechanical undeniable monument standing at the door in general cemetery.

I just don’t understand, tribal fighting capacity than union not weak where to go, why in workshop nearly group war hasn’t won. And almost every time is in the scuffle was opened the flag of the workshop, so many people in the middle melee, incredibly, no attention to the league in stealing flag! Anyway I when the undercover a week a workshop to the tribe was responsible in number may win is 0. And I have to take an airplane beginning, every time is at least a team to the plane, but in the plane was then found to not interested at the alliance! Every time a team to the plane, but found the plane a union were not, in the mind a dark side of this is too easy side win the plane. So where are all the league? The pier was sent to the graveyard tribal early……. Knife at the car really fast, knocked out at 3%, and no one HuiMen is broken. The plane dropped Fried door, much faster than the sword car. But the fact is almost no tribe will go to dock, or is only to a few people, all by alliance for the kill. I play alliance, basically at least two team will go to terminal, the plane never the, the rest of the workshop.

In short, Mr Hill and conquer like I feel like in the league, league is always win, tribal always lose. And tribal lose not because not fighting capacity, it is because a fly with no head run around. The chat box of tribal is abusive, a battle to a few people can from beginning to the end of the spray. People are random battlefield play is not easy, and so can endure. I play in the league, almost few people to spray, but said the speed to lose a lot. A look at symptom right immediately said speed to lose. Tribe’s side, I have never seen a speed lose, mostly to hold out until the last, this alliance stronger than too much.

Gilneas: tribe seems to have a special liking to the lighthouse. A lot of time to see somebody else says “the opening of the first team to MF, home leave a, others DT”. And the league side usually DT only one keep, and three or four people easily cut off DT garrison, sneak. This time the troops are all big league was dragged at MF. Because the alliance in MF than we, so then often MF will be alliance take away. But this time also by horde win basically DT, so 2-1 began to rise. From MF defense DT need are a big circle around, the alliance to defend to DT MF when there is tribe has already been scheduled to get ready to battle. This time the league average MF (the main stream of the back to DT, at this time the home several left-behind tribe will steal MF. In short, the tribe keep resources advantage.

Jill is nice I played a tribe of the highest winning percentage battlefield, feel the tribe has a stable of dozen, three or four people start to blunt DT, basic it is to win. As I have to the undercover exclamation why in this battle alliance can be so stupid.

Besides, this is also the least PenZi battlefield. Chat box clean, very comfortable. 


Monster: Jordan (Jondar)
Description: the necromancer defectors
Haunted the place: the cathedral the third
Jordan eldest brother very mysterious, from his short experiences can see it, he was a wizard, betrayed family after became became a necromancer, was the result of the templar hunted down and killed. When the player in the cathedral layer 3 save for after Jordan and happened to be imprisoned of templar, he will invite the player will kill with Jordan. Only from the Jordan this name we can guess his bold behind still should have a lot of stories, they should be formal edition after coming out again carefully discover one time.

Monster: the Skeleton King (Skeleton King)
Description: tristram mad king
Haunted location: the king of skeleton chamber of secrets
From 1 skeleton diablo king Leo says rick story everyone is familiar, in this not repeat, not really the whole of the detail of the students can reference the horn of Kane in diablo encyclopedia entries. From beta open to now, poor Lao li does not know by crazy players struck many, many times…

Monster: crazy rogge (Lloigor the Crazed)
Description: crazy wizard
Haunted the place: the cathedral on the fourth floor
Crazy rogge is a will randomly appear in the cathedral in the fourth layer wizard NPC, when players found him, he was addicted to the study of the book of the eyes. When players close, he will throw out a gold coin, buy you let you go, let him can clean study scroll, when the player tried to close to the book, he will fall out to conjure the bat together with the players. From the performance and he just a few words can see, he is a difficulty with the spell of scroll wizard, such a plot performance in diablo generation is we have known each other. In the generation of the eighth floor dungeon, players can in a magic library crazed wizard Zhar the Mad, triggered the scenarios also is roughly same, just throw out is a scroll of Zhar rather than gold.

Monster: the DengNi DE lords (Lord Dunhyld)
Description: sad spirits
Haunted the site: profane crypt
DengNi DE lords is an elite haunter strange. In The random events “a Matriarch remains” (The Matriarch ‘s Bones), DengNi DE lords of The boss to shut The looming appear as. In the random events, the rest of the grave DengNi DE couple intrusion by grave robbers, DengNi DE lady be remains to be grave robbers throw of the is everywhere, her haunter players to search the entire grave request and took her bones found, and put back the sarcophagus, good let her husband manic looming to rest. 

Collection of TuJian monster

Monster: the head (Headcleaver)
Description: the royal executioner
Haunted the site: Leo says rick corridor
Save Kane task in when large size of the skeletons. In Leo says rick WangTongZhi’s later, he became increasingly crazy, he put all of his suspect in the kingdom of plotting against all criminal caught up and the punishment of death, at the time of the royal executioner team don’t small. The executioner died, a skeleton still faithfully execute the skeleton in the commandment of the king, is also verify the Leo says rick before the death of that sentence: “traitor! Even in death, DuLaSi army camp still also served them king!”

Monster: · ella merari by (Mira Eamon)
Description: heidegger’s wife
Haunted the place: the cursed of the wine cellar
Camilla is the blacksmith heidegger’s wife, she and many in the town of infected people is locked together in the wine cellar, the player’s mission is to hand them together with the blacksmith “bury”. In task, you can find near the blacksmith merari sane is still awake to the blacksmith’s a say more moves last love letters.

Monster: Meg mo (Manglemaw)
Description: the crypt abominations
Haunted the site: profane crypt the second floor
Meg mo is looking for skeleton crown task, appear in the crypt 2 elite together against a strange. It broke into the wall to a player scene force, is also a typical diablo 3 mini boss war.
Monster: by secretary Evans (Chancellor Eamon)
Description: the soul of a guardian
Haunted location: the tomb of ministers
Dead by the minister’s soul into the grave keeper elite blame, guarding the Leo says rick’s crown. Had he is Leo says rick side minister, is also a blacksmith heidegger’s grandfather, died he and Leo says rick crown buried together. And in Kane mouth, the top old crown has become the skeleton key beat the king. In the players to take the crown, minister of the players is to think that the ghost will Leo says rick resurrection were born again, thus to guard the crown. 

Count will diablo iii test unique elite strange

Since last September open since measurement, we have passed the baptism of ten patch, killing the countless monster, do not know everybody in the big kill four of the party more than ever to note that could only in your hands to support within a few seconds of special elite monster, diablo iii is the number of unique elite blame for relatively diablo ii can be said to be great, increased, only in a short beta, we may see not dozens of unique elite strange. These elite strange with the unique name unique description and talent attribute, of course, the most prominent feature of the purple or their name. This party will lead you with textual research to explore the unique blame the secret of the elite behind. Of time and energy limited plus hand material seriously insufficient (many strange name and blizzard employees name be related), looking forward to selling another chance to take to make up after finish it. Also welcome puts forward Suggestions.

Monster: the DaoDing Captain (Captain Daltyn)
Description: the former captain of the guard
Haunted the site: the hidden cellar
Played for players should beta it impressed, the general is cold strengthened the guy is the game first slightly some challenging monster, in the beta after a few patches of blue first many people the weapon equipment is learned from it. DaoDing captain is originally a new tristram militia of the town’s captain, in different changed after happened, he led the militias and the zombie against, unfortunate fall of army, only current tristram militia at the captain’s survived. Players in and leah to find old Kane task, in leah mother anda leah cabin hidden in the cellar, have become the zombie DaoDing captain will take a group of! Go to appear.

Monster: the tragic Queen (Wretched Queen)
Description: the queen’s chief maid
Haunted the place: the ancient ruins
As long as played beta and even seen process video players met this monster, this is the first in the game will appear in the plot in the elite strange, finish the game is the first mission of the close the blame. The queen is many sad sad the matrix unique elite blame, from the monster Kane log we know, these can spit out the monster to ruminants zombies marched in fact is Leo says rick queen of the king of ai sheila (Asylla) maid, so the queen’s chief maid into a miserable the queen is also about the matter. 

Activities: learning diablo knowledge, to win the qualification test!

Kane in the horn of the second give the activities to ~ the first activity of luck, the second activities will need to everybody has certain diablo knowledge!

With the release of the game is near to come, and more and more friends will join the fan team, the new additions to let the game full of energy, and how to guide the new friends faster, better understand the game became us to think of a problem. We hope that the activities can not only make some friends get test qualifications, more let everyone in participating in activities and improve diablo 3 this game of understanding! So, the second event as a similar test daily activities, not only to answer prospective, and even see who answer fast, Are you the terms?

Activity rules: (please must be carefully watch)

1) in daily activities on the night before at about 2, we will prepare a player for the second day of the review material guide q&a activities. For example we provide such an address, that means tomorrow’s problems will be focused on the basic knowledge of diablo iii above;

2) daily activities for the start time 8 PM, we will be in the BBS of new tristram plate issued the events of the day is stuck, contains 5-10 way question and answer;

3) activities stick format title [2012. XX. XX examination questions 】 XXXXXXX; According to the format of the players we provide in the activities in the post of the answer, the player only need to fill out his position in the corresponding answers;

4) please note: we will reply to all to a strict check ma3 jia3, once found that is cancelled the qualification;

5) please note: any edited return card is invalid the answer. So please, in the pursuit of the speed must be carefully check, and do not use to share building again answer way;

6) every time the answer for 2 hours;

7) time to lock for after, and then start to check the answers and complete victory.

The awards rules:

1) order in accordance with the answer in turn choose the correct answer complete before the five players, reward the Beta Key, 1

2) if meet the invalid or other problems cause of the answers is invalid return card, then deferred to the next meet the conditions of the players;

3) all the selection and reward will be in issued the same day.

Special remind:

1) to ensure fair, all managers can’t participate in this activity (moderator/editor/etc/and strictly prohibited ma3 jia3 participation);

2) if for activities have any unclear or questions, please write down here to put forward, we will reply before the activity;

3) every problem has a very standard answer, will and we material page consistent described;

4) all questions and material can be in the horn of Kane D. 163. COM find;

5) we want players to participate, on the one hand, is to win the test qualifications, a more important aspect is check your diablo 3 knowledge:)

Special note: once participate in the activities, both agree this activity rules!

Other awards: all activities in time and in full and accurate answer all the questions of the players can get BBS badges a gold! 

The call of the hell: tell your waiting for reason

Through the recently released by the complete diablo iii intro and many times the Beta test version update, we now have very intuitive understanding of the game, the game has also close to be released. So in the four years since released this time, what made you have been silently waiting for this game ? Tell your reason, and all people share, waiting for the moment to arrive together !

The horn of the special prepared Kane 20 tries account, according to the player’s return card issued the order you players for demo. Let all the players are playing in Beta is always our target. Well, for love of diablo iii’s you, what are you waiting for? Hurry to attend!

Activity rules: player in activities after state your reply post waiting for reason. Please remember, contents can’t more than 30 Chinese characters (including punctuation,). So, please say the direct reason, put your voice on to blizzard, transfer to each player!

Activities awards:
1: all effective return card, random 20 players rewards will diablo iii test account one!
2: all to participate in activities of the effective heel stick, all in turn will get the 48 hours of diablo iii demo time. We will provide a special 20 demo account, in order to you in accordance with the players.

3: we will randomly 10 players, they will get the blizzard official authorized black diablo 3 theme a mouse mat.

4: we will elect the most resonant wait for a reason, reward the blizzard official authorized black diablo 3 theme mouse a! 

The known monster list

The boss type of unit has not officially classified name, so they called for a Super Uniques.
Siegebreaker Assault Beast (siege Assault Beast)
“The siege machines from hell”. Siege assault beast is appeared in WWI 2008 video demo of the large “mini boss”. Can be clearly seen, in order to gameplay, blizzard will diablo iii of this in small boss also to a new realm. We still don’t know if this is random encounter, the big appeared in the skull Highlands (Leoric Highlands).
Thousand Pounder (one Thousand jins blame)
A group of Dark Cultists through the sacrifice their collective summon Thousand Pounder. He has great, hand-held double mallet. And two section mode. In the two paragraphs will become more violent model, attack method is also different. We still see in concept map it, looks better than common types of boss to be powerful, also is the Super a kind.
Thousand Pounder (one Thousand jins blame)
A group of Dark Cultists through the sacrifice their collective summon Thousand Pounder. He has great, hand-held double mallet. And two section mode. In the two paragraphs will become more violent model, attack method is also different. We still see in concept map it, looks better than common types of boss to be powerful, also is the Super a kind.

Over the previous speaking, in the development team in greatly improve the quality and quantity of the story missions. Some bosses to trigger the plot to summon, such as the player’s character to the chamber of prophecy can trigger a events: a group of Dark christians (Dark Cultist) will call one Thousand jins Johnson (Thousand Pounder); We will see these christians were engulfed the demon form, with a loud noise, one Thousand jins Johnson (Thousand Pounder) shining.