Go warriors! Virginia to leaf plug area

The leaf is 39 Virginia-42 level parts of the site monster. The TERA “monster and role in the level difference between 2 class can have considerable difficulties. Because, between monster are all very strong strength, so it is best to improve the level to 39, 40 again after level to to this area.

If role did not reach the level 39 level, then to the first to die of christians in stealth dungeon hunting. Wait for level to the later, Virginia’s area.

Death of christians in stealth later completed a repetitive task soon time to upgrade to the level 40. At the same time, the recommended options against LV38 level the fury of the library massey monster also is good!

Upgrade method is introduced

Heavy monster infinite time hunting + a repetitive task


Library massey strength of the belief of close to the guardian

First of all in the life of the canyon attack heavy monster (LV41) saint area of the guardian, of course, still need to team up to complete. So everyone can get 68.000 or above experience value.

And still can obtain in site on nov.29 mission campground, so repeated finish 20 times can also get 117.000 or above experience value.


Site in the campground on nov.29 accept task, must not forget

5 grouping annihilate a saint area of the guardian need 1 minute of time. Then it’s back to time is 10 seconds or so.

According to 1 hour computation, can destroy only 40 of the saint area guardian monsters. This can be completed eight will task. By this time, players get experience value is about 3.65 million or so. According to level 40 goals also should be sent 6 million, so also need to hunting 2 hours or so to complete the task and 1 hour. Such ability to upgrade to the level 40, if lucky players still can obtain 42 grade level legend props.

Although this method is fast, but the number is more so actual will trouble trouble.