Blizzard ignore the small number of Diablo 3 is uncompatible with Linux

If you are a Linux user, then you can not play Diablo 3, if you have already purchased a Blizzard game, and not found to play you a cup. Of course, you can choose to continue to protest, but then will not have any effect, you will not get any compensation, nor change your operating system can not play Diablo the fact of Diablo 3.

Topic dates back to July of this year, as part of Linux users, their operating systems can not play Diablo 3 Gold, it triggered a Diablo 3 compatibility of course, most of the players said: This not a big deal thing, it does not matter because with the vast majority of mainstream gamers. But for those players with the Linux system may suffer, they not only spend money to bought can not play Diablo 3, and not receive any compensation, they crowd seems to be a handful of bad luck.

Blizzard’s response is even more Linux users disappointed, Blizzard do not care about such a small number of non-mainstream users of the system, and does not give any compensation, even Linux users will not build Diablo 3 stand-alone mode. And this, Linux users have no alternative.

Since Diablo 3 conflict with the Linux system, even Linux users Linux users constantly Blizzard protest, but that did not change the fact of a tragedy. Public opinion, Blizzard has never flinch concessions, no pressure.

On the other hand, from the point of view of the protesters, although the beginning are aggressive, but by numerous setbacks and failures, the majority of people are choosing to give up or compromise Imagine, if you initiated numerous protest, but no one was successful, you will what idea? Perhaps, the players need to consciousness in order to fight against the game’s dictatorial and monopoly in order to ensure their own interests, and will not make a tool for them to make money. Perhaps the only way to make the game operators feel Pear Alexander.

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