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I have to say, my husband and I really love this mouse. It’s a bit of a competition over who gets to use this mouse, and who has to use the Razr Naga that we have. And that’s not just because it’s so pretty. I’m going to buy him his own this Christmas, we love it that much.

We definitely both like the size and weight of this mouse much better. This mouse is much larger than our other gaming mouse, and that means it’s far easier for my husband to use with his large hands. I have large hands for a woman, and while I can use either mouse comfortably for a couple of hours, this Steelseries mouse is more comfortable in hour three or four.

The setup was very easy and intuitive. Since I had already set up a multibutton gaming mouse before, I was familiar with the concept of having so many buttons on a mouse, and was able to easily assign my favorite commands to the various buttons. Setup took maybe 15-20 minutes for me total. If you aren’t used to this process, it might take you longer.

The software was built for WoW raiders, so it was easy to bind macros and actions to the various keys. It really was flawless and intuitive integration.

The Steelseries’ thumb keys are, honestly, an improvement over the Naga. While in theory it sounds great to have 12 thumb keys on a mouse, in reality, it’s not useful to accidentally ice block mid bossfight instead of casting your trinket cooldown. Having only 4 thumb keys, I don’t make any errors like that. Plus the other mouse’s thumb keypad is so small, my husband can’t use it. My husband can easily use the thumb keypad on this SteelSeries mouse.

After a solid few weeks of raiding with this mouse, my husband and I both give it five stars!

If I *had* to find something to complain about, it’s that the red glow of the mouse is awfully inviting — as though it’s beckoning me to come play when I really should be vacuuming or folding the laundry. 

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