Monster analytical– be continued

 Monster: the Caretaker Mccree
Description: death bearded man became known as the watchers
Haunted the place: the cathedral gardens
The watchers this is an elite skeleton warriors, this monster name comes from the world of warcraft chief level designers Jesse McCree. About this strange details please refer to article: rare legend TuJian 1-this creature the watchers.

Monster: the Cudgelarm
Description: the undead giant hammer
Haunted the place: the ancient grand is on the first floor at the cathedral of the elite gather blame appear dead. Remember the diablo ii of the giant hammer Death (Death Mauler)? And the ancient grand the big guy is perhaps the body of Death with giant hammer scissors-and-paste job.

Monster: the Dataminer
Description: the spoilers
Haunted the site: profane crypt
This is a blizzard recently joined the elite of grave robbers haunter of the beta. From the name to the description is a typical blizzard type taunt monster, how again careful or by fanatic players to the client analytical a TongTongTouTou. It is worth mentioning of the cabin skills “jail” can firmly lock players to make it can’t move.

Monster: Digger O ‘Dell
Description: will be removed
Haunted the site: profane crypt
And a beta of the elite of grave robbers spirits. Its name from The 1950 s last century in The United States popular radio situation comedy series “comfortable Life of” The Life of Riley, then adapted for television as well received. The popular role is bright red by John brown as Digby. 

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