The battlefield, tribal winning percentage is not high also, probably also than Mr Hill and conquer the better.

Love the runs

This battle in the tribe I winning percentage is high. Union like the opening blunt KD and T, tribes like blunt FM and T. Basically no accident is the control of the alliance/horde home base, and then take FM alliance and horde KD, T in the rallies. Tribal and almost won’t have decent FM resistance (I play league is always very smoothly with KD). But FM in parachute down after the win gentle skills will jump directly support T, and to have to go around from KD T for a long way. Another league didn’t seem to like to keep SL, often by horde steal. Tribal NC is there are at least two people in the keep. Tribes get like private positive after SL, plugging in the league at birth. In short this battlefield tribe considerable.500.

Storm *!

The opening I brush screen “T than 7 important priority, T, had seven don’t pay”. Nobody reason I. A opening a group of people flocked to the 7 there, alliance for two people over there the FS and DLN change to blue and others from straight and XJL side kill MN, tribal side because many people in the middle with 7, and keep all tower is empty. In most cases the league 3:1 (MN and XJL alliance can at least take down a), and then hold seven tribes. Take the 7 T see among the well and sat back right away. But just don’t know that collective action, is often XJL to two, MN to a, be useless. Some people go to the FS and DLN, prepare the alliance also steal a down. Then take seven of the elder brothers a look T situation critical condition, so the word in a 7, resource point immediately more than alliance, estimates that elder brothers heart also secretly pleased that a 7 can set the tide? By this time they saw seven points where two league in the land as no one took 7, then constipation commonly held to don’t hand over… Or is seven points among keep people meet the seven, has played a relay. They saw alliance resource point soared. 1000:300, at this time the tribes begin to start a restless and uneasy start players begin very literary spray.

The battlefield, tribal winning percentage is not high also, probably also than Mr Hill and conquer the better.
Ancient beach: personal feeling winning percentage half-and-half, tribal alliance is of little advantage in green door on which side of the gun 2 B. Alliance tribes feel since is 50%, so there is nothing to say. Which side is basically two forced many which side lose, which side which side won the small white less. Although many people all say tribal population much so all sorts of crowd is much also, but ancient beach really can see a wonder in the league.

Warsong and Gemini peak: if I were tribes, and I will love this two battlefield, like I in the league’s great love and conquer the mountain, I played a week battlefield, these two battlefield hasn’t lost. Special twin peaks recently festival, honor hua hua of price rises. I this undercover began to love dearly union brothers…… All kinds of pit graveyard, all kinds of block 7, all kinds of sharp various time ah.

Union special like plugging in a small piece of place among group war, tribal side also someone go to battle group. But the difference lies in the league to the war is group DZ, SS, FS, tribes of the war are basic group DK, ZS, QS. I almost didn’t see a tribe in open battle DZ had appeared, basic is 7 people wander in and around protection. Although mammy such as @ # tribe sturgeon general rare, but for the protection of the 7 but is very tight. This let me is very mixed feelings. Tribal often a milk all have no, alliance with milk three or four, the results of the final win or tribe. I also don’t understand is why, but is won. 

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