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A new game mechanic has been created in the game that, after the end of each battle, there will be a number of corpses left behind to give a sense of aftermath. These will stay until the player moves off the screen. This change is likely brought about by the community’s negative reaction to the disappearing corpses in the initial game play video. New monsters like the Dune Thresher had been revealed in the following weeks. Check out the Diablo 3 Bestiary for links to all the monster pages containing what we know as well as what we expect from the monsters revealed until now. Diablo 3 is still set in Sanctuary, but has a very wide variety of locations to explore. This agrees with the trend in each game.

Diablo 1 focused on only one town, while Diablo 2 allowed players to explore five different environments, but still had only one town from each locale. Diablo 3 seems to let the player explore almost the entirety of Sanctuary. At the moment, many locations, most of them as yet unseen in-game, have been released as either concept art or as official lore. The first and almost staple in every Diablo game is the town ofTristram, where Diablo 1 was set. It appears in a new avatar as New Tristram. Old Tristram still has the Cathedral which is an explorable dungeon in Act I.

The second and third ones seen were in the Diablo 3 cinematic trailer – Caldeum and Ureh. Caldeum is speculated to be present because of its importance in the game lore as the reason for the corruption in Aranoch. It may also be noted that Caldeum is the home of the, now supposedly deceased, author turned explorer, Abd al-Hazir. The Lost City of Ureh is seen in the cinematic trailer exactly as it is described in the Sin War novels. This has led to much speculation regarding the player meeting Zayl the Necromancer. It was confirmed to be Ureh in a concept art released by Blizzard after a few weeks of the release of the cinematic trailer. Other locations include the newly formed Arreat Crater which was where the Demonic Legion was supposed to start its invasion and the much speculated upon Xiansai, the home of the female Wizard. 

Demon Hunters use Discipline and Hatred to power their ranged weapons

The Demon Hunter is a new class introduced in Diablo 3. With what game play Blizzard have shown of it, the Champion looks to be a combination of the Assassin; with its ability to throw grenades, and the Amazon in its usage of crossbows. However the class looks as if it is going to dual-wield crossbow which is a completely original concept in reference to prior games. Demon Hunters use Discipline and Hatred to power their ranged weapons. Blizzard also announced the Archivist class as an April Fools’ joke, it appeared to die in a single hit and use spells based entirely on the usage of books and scrolls. According to Blizzard, each character has a backstory which will be revealed during the course of the game.

However, contrary to hopeful belief, it is confirmed that the male Barbarian is not the same Barbarian featured in Diablo II. Also as mentioned above, you will now be able to select gender regardless of the class you choose. Initially, Blizzard did not intend to bring back any of the classes from the previous games, feeling that the other classes could not be improved on. With entirely new classes, Diablo 3 could stand on its own. The Barbarian was an exception to this, as it was felt that the class had a lot of room for development. As such, it is the only returning playable class from previous games. However, Blizzard is considering bringing back old classes for future expansions.

Diablo 3 also includes three different followers: Kormac the Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Eirena the Enchantress. Similar to the mercenaries of Diablo II, followers are unlocked as the player progresses through the main storyline. While only one follower can accompany the player at a time, followers gain experience even when not in the player’s party. Followers can be equipped with a minimal set of items, and gain two skill options at four periodic level-ups. Each time a new pair of skills is unlocked, the player must select one for the follower to learn. These skill choices can be reset and made again with no penalty. In the game, Diablo 3 gold can help you a lot to enjoy the game, if you do not want to quest gold by yourself slowly, you can contact us to buy fast delivery Diablo 3 gold.