Lich King fight – 10 vs 25


Lich King fight  – 10 vs 25
As for whether or not we are concerned about the possibility of 25-person geared players heading in to the 10-person Heroic and potentially trivializing the encounter… Yes, of course we are. Can we make a fight that has absolutely nothing to do with gear? Yes we can, but that would be counter to the growth of the characters involved. Gear influences every style of gameplay(Tank/Damage/Healing) in some way or another. To make it entirely divorced from the Lich King encounter wouldn’t be the most epic experience we could deliver. There will be a massive skill portion to this encounter, but we are not going to move gear 100% out of the equation.

There are unfortunate side effects of maintaining two distinct types of raids. The raid with the smaller number of people participating has to be tuned around that style of participation, made for the people who have been a part of that group. Whereas the raid with the greater number of players is likewise geared toward that larger group. The more people you have, the more difficult (numerically) you can make the encounters. This also means that you can factor in certain amounts of leeway in larger groups and tighten those. I.E. There will be more healers, thus there can be more raid damage; there will be more tanks, thus there can be more encounters that benefit from additional tank mechanics and so forth.

Now, all that is just to say, the Lich King encounter versions given to the two groups are tuned to each individual 10 or 25 person type. The tweaking we are able to do, on the larger group version, can be pulled even further toward the very top end of super hard. While the 10 person encounter must continue to rely only on items achievable and composition available to players in the that raid type. This lends itself to players from the 25-person raid seeking out achievements and other bonuses in 10-player content, but we cannot tune around their excursion into this area without also excluding the very crowd that this content was intended for. That does not mean that it will be trivially easy for one group to move in either direction, but that is intended to be the case. We want the Lich King to be difficult, in-both 10 and 25 versions and we hope that you all enjoy this climactic encounter.

About 10/25 raid dungeons tuning
The 10-person heroic raid dungeons are tuned in such a way that players do not need to rely on gear from the 25-person normal mode equivalents. We made many adjustments along the way to make that possible. While it can be helpful to obtain additional gear from the 25-person normal modes, it’s certainly not necessary and we were pleased to see so many players able to attempt and complete the 10-person heroic encounters in ToC who progressed exclusively from 10-person normal ToC. Often times players feel that they need to obtain items from higher content in order to complete Heroic encounters, when improved strategies would equally suffice. 

Troll shaman proves a lady can never have too many dresses


Although my working file name for this interview was 15Dresses, there are much more than a mere 15 dresses involved here. Asukachan of Al’Akir (EU) has managed to collect — of all things — more than 100 dresses since the earliest days of WoW. Now, we’ve featured collectors and their in-game collections before, from armor set and pet collections to items tied to game lore and even a museum of gray items and assorted oddities.But Asukachan? Asukachan just likes dresses.”I do keep cool items around that I’d like to wear sometime (silly hats from seasonal events, cool weapons and shields, oversized shoulderpads and what not) as well as all my old tier sets obtained while raiding,” explains the troll-loving Swedish player. “In the end, it really does add up to a lot of bag and bank space (and a full void storage), but the only collection I feel really serious and passionate about is the dress collection.”

Main character Asukachan:WoW Insider: All these dresses … What makes a dress worth collecting? What are the criteria for a dress to become part of your collection? Asukachan: My initial aspiration was to collect one dress of every different model in game. Thiswas still the main objective for the collection far into Wrath of the Lich King, even though I had already failed on that point since some dresses had been taken out of the game before I could get them and some were simply unobtainable or not equippable by my class. Also, I realized that the sheer amount of space needed to have one dress of each type was more than I could realistically provide. As such, I trimmed the criteria that a dress needs to be either attractive (in my eyes), rare or have an interesting history. There are many interesting things and we are glad to share these with our friends. If you need any gold, you can visit our website!




A tank’s job is to protect the group

Stay tuned for more info about them. Items with hit expertise are valued above all other combinations. two, able to take Archaeology as a profession, and in fact, it will be able to give you access to a wide range of new storylines, quests, talents and abilities through the ‘Path of the Titans’ (but more of that later).But will this tie-in with novels continue in the future? Yes, says J. Allen Brack. This profession will allow all players to find and uncover secrets which have been unearthed after the cataclysmic event which has destroyed much of Azeroth. Enjoy your stay at this website and contribute to the forum if you have time! That sort of tension is what we wanted from Wintergrasp, and what we believe Tol Barad can ultimately offer.

He feels that the game has the potential wow gold for not sure one more expansion, but many more – saying that there is the potential for 10 more years of World of Warcraft. A tank’s job is to protect the group. A big part of that is controlling the enemy. A big part of controlling the enemy is staying alive. Tanks have a lot of tools to stay alive, and mastering those is a major component of learning to play a tank. On the other hand, some of these tools are on long cooldowns, and on some encounters they are intended for use at specific moments in the fight.

Surely casual players will leave because of the repetitive gameplay? They are the Path of the Titans! Whether this will be effective in game is to be seen (the majority of curses/diseases on players in game do not reach their intended ending point anyway as they are usually cleansed). WoW Cataclysm will also introduce new professions, including the much talked about Archaeology secondary wow gold profession which will be available to all Cataclysm players and will lead to huge changes in gameplay for all WoW players. To meet with the demand of the players to trade wow gold, we are committed to offer World of Warcraft gamers the cheapest wow gold and best Wow Power Leveling. 

Signups for the Next Closed Beta Event Reach One Million in Just Over 48 Hours


NCsoft and ArenaNet are proud to announce that signups for the next closed beta test for Guild Wars 2 reached one-million signups in just over 48 hours. This impressive response from the gaming community, recording more than 4,000 signups a minute during peak periods, is a testament to players’ demand for something new. The innovative RPG and online world design philosophies of Guild Wars 2 are proving to be just what they want.

It is no surprise that the most anticipated game launching this year, an accolade awarded to Guild Wars 2 from top gaming outlets from around the world, attracted players wanting to experience the game from 224 countries spanning all seven continents.

“We built Guild Wars 2 with the notion to bring players together to experience what a true online world experience should be, and we couldn’t be more excited with the reception we’re receiving from gamers wanting to get in and play our game,” said Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet and executive producer of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 ‘s next closed beta test is scheduled for late-March and will provide players with an opportunity to experience its deep RPG game elements, epic World v. World battles and inviting social gameplay while helping the team load test the servers. 

The Full Play Details Reveal For Guild Wars 2

This time, the two designer talked about “the guild wars 2” late game and mmo game content and processes after. They started as Orr, Orr is back in the old city of the god, now has been the dragon and it Zhaitan half-a-year miscellaneous fish are occupied. The city is in the late game design should be, most of the tasks were lost to low level area, “because the city of friendly NPC little”. Instead, there is no task to do Orr of the city has many giant event. In areas of the event is Orr other can explore the area more than twice as likely, this event is usually mesh crossover task line, not wired task chain. When it comes to full after level of the content, it is hard not to think of underground city you copy and, likewise, the guild wars 2 “also have many such thing. There are eight plot to queens, all this eight can be repeated brush, each copy there will be about three different plot line, this would mean that in the release after article about 25 underground city super challenge for players to choose routes. Some of the story line is prepared to mmo players, of course system would also according to the level of the player to fine-tune the difficulty, this let each copy all to keep challenging

These events do up than at low levels of the area as a more profound influence, and early game do task, events can have more to the whole region of the control and the forces of regional cooperation, and so on. Johanson mentioned in the late game, players need to repeated occupation certain scenes, such as the ancient god lost temple, to maintain their control, and can be further exploring the contents of the temple of god, and in the front line and tries to capture their enemy.The last conversation involving the epic weapon. Even if the epic weapon than only the mmo, epic weapon to time than the level of rare weapons so a little high, but they are very dominance of the view, and every weapon to match there are some historical story level. It is difficult to obtain historical facts weapons. They need it hard to achieve the same parts of the close and becomes group, players need to spend a lot of time and skill to track these components clues.

In addition, some of the rare weapons in Mystic Forge skin (mysterious melting pot, may be a weapon forging the thing) gain. Players in the 80 level after level full, the skill point still will increase, so players can use these extra skill points to trade special items, will these items into the mysterious melting pot will get similar equipment.


Choose a safe website to buy RS gold


This lure is pretty outdated, but there are still lurers out there which do this lure. A player will find a player with lots of expensive items on it, such as Abyssal Whip, Dragon Platelegs, Dragon Boots etc. He will then ask the victim if he/she can buy one of the player’s items for 3x the price. The victim will almost every time answer “Yes”. The player will then take the victim to Port Sarim, give him 30gp and tell him to meet him at Karamja. (The fee to travel there costs 30gp, and also earns the victim trust). At Karamja, the player will take the victim to the tribesmen south of Brimhaven. The player will then attack one of the tribesmen and shout “Help!” while standing there passive. The victim will then attack the tribesman, which will retaliate and attack the victim.

 The tribesmen’s spears are poisonous, so the victim will get poisoned. The player will then take the victim a bit south of the tribesmen, and trade the victim. Since the victim is poisoned, the trade will get cancelled almost every time the player and the victim trade, since the poison hits disrupt the trade. When the victim gets low HP, he/she will often panic and try to teleport away with Home Teleport, however the player will say “Here, food and anti poison”. The player will then trade the victim, disrupting his/her teleport and put some food and anti poison in trade window, The player and victim will accept till the 2nd window, where the trade gets disrupted again since of the poison hits. The player will repeat that till the victim finally dies by the poison.

 There will then spawn a gravestone, and the victim will try to run back, but the player will tell them “I’ll get your stuff, meet me at Grand Exchange, there I’ll also give you the money. The victim will then run to G.E waiting, but the lurer will wait till the gravestone collapses, and then loot the items. We advise you to purchase Runescape gold from online site rather than personal account. Our website offers cheap, fast and safe RuneScape gold as well as RuneScape Powerleveling, check on our website, you can also get RuneScape skills, RuneScape guides. 

Any question about the different professions or skills?

Many people have questioned the staying power of a juggernaut with the power of WoW. This is all of the information that we have right now about the Archeology skill in World of Warcraft Cataklysm – if you have any questions about the different professions or skills in Cataclysm then get in touch with us right now and we’ll try to answer them. We’ll be examining other key characters’ transformations, including those of Garrosh, Anduin Wrynn, and Magni Bronzebeard. The larger health pools, decreased impact of Mortal Strike debuffs, and slower healing are all having the desired effect in PvP. 

If you’re planning on starting raiding as soon as possible, you’re going to want to retabard Therazane and go for exalted. We provided feedback on a monthly or weekly basis to the developers who tweaked the game several times before wiping all of the characters from all of the servers and starting again. The people behind this site have previously been involved in the wow gold and Power Leveling industry. Gamer’s site is also got up and running this week and there will be the opportunity to get your hands on VIP closed Beta keys before the next Beta event on 28 December. I confronted someone about this, after they made numerous molestation jokes in a Battleground, and eventually we got to the point of “What if someone who had actually been molested was here and heard you saying those things?”

World of Warcraft in North America in mid-2004 public beta, the same year on November 23 in theU.S., As ever, I really recommend simming and spread sheeting your own gear to figure out the best options for you and your gear setup. As we were dancing, I noticed big green’s coming from my beloved pet. Not too happy about the nerf to tremor totem, but it’s understandable, and the dps buffs more than make up for it IMO. You might be in a situation in which you have run away from funds in World of Warcraft and confused how you can make wow gold. Or you can also come to our safe website to buy cheap wow gold with fast delivery. 

Bad Gear, Good Money and Twist, Boom, Bang

Three guides/builds I chewed over this morning that caught my eye which might give some of you something new to try. Cursed Dice’s guide is “A Guide to Farming Act 1 Inferno” details what his Demon Hunter’s set up is from active and passive skills to his gear choices. With this set up he’s making between 750k and 1m in a hour and it doesn’t call for any gear swapping. If you’re at that stage of wanting to farm for personal items or for the auction house this one is worth a try. The gear and skill setup I have been running is tuned for killing quickly, moving quickly, and not dying (just barely). The idea is to kill each and every Monster you come across quickly and keep moving.

The faster you can move through the level, and the less downtime in between each fight, means you will find more elite packs per hour…which is what we are really after…but along the way you will kill many, many white mobs and profit from them as well. If your farming exploits haven’t been quite as productive as Cursed Dice’s then maybe you’ll need Odegar’s guide to “Beating Inferno with Bad Gear“. He shares the skills essential to beating Inferno, which ones should be used in general and his situational swaps. Which stats is the priority to concentrate on and which ones you can largely ignore also has a section.

Finally, there’s a whole section at the end packed full of useful tips and even a video of him putting that all into practice with his Monk against Diablo. The idea is to have 50% armor, 20% damage reduction and 20% attack speed reduction at all times. One thing to note is that the buff/rebuff is applied on the 3rd strike. All the Monk spirit builders are 3 strike moves. The interesting thing is that you can swap between moves within these 3 strikes. That is, you can do two swings of Crippling Wave and then a final swing with Deadly Reach and you will get the 50% armor benefit from Deadly Reach. A nice way to do damage is to do the first two strikes in Way of the Hundred Fists then finish with Crippling Wave, so it doesn’t knock back enemies. 

Following the guide, will possess far improved expertise

Whatever your ultimate purpose in Diablo 3 may be, you will be in a position to be assured that you simply will obtain develops that happen to be perfectly in a position to achieving it inside our guide. We realize nevertheless, that differing individuals have distinctive preferences. For this purpose we’ve also incorporated pretty many unorthodox develop, so everyone might be particular that they’ll come across what they are trying to find. What we ought to give you is truly a compilation with the greatest character develops for each difficulty, with each other extra information and facts with regards to their positive aspects and drawbacks. Why are you still waiting? E-mail us now!

Diablo 3 Guide is right here now to make your experience of your game a lot more enjoyable. These pointers and strategies could make you a greater and a lot much more successful gamer. Possibly you have got normally wondered why lots of people are particularly significantly additional ahead in comparison with relaxation if this requires accomplishments, gear and Diablo 3 gold in game ? The easy truth is very simple – they just study additional regarding the game and exploit that to acquire what they seriously want. With this Diablo 3 Guide you will have each of the specifics expected to acquire something you like in game. 

These simple to fully grasp ideas and approaches are basic to know as well as you will not be expected to devote days attempting to discover details you are going to not discover elsewhere to begin with. Right after studying by means of our approaches you will possess a far improved expertise of your game, the auction house and just how it genuinely performs, the merchandise inside the game and which of them could be the appropriate for the class, not to mention the extremely ideal develops for the figures. Everywhere you gaze you’ll unearth new and new exceptional reviews spherical the preceding designs. Some supporters explore their anticipation and predictions related to “Diablo 3”, the version that can provide to amaze almost everyone.