The Full Play Details Reveal For Guild Wars 2

This time, the two designer talked about “the guild wars 2” late game and mmo game content and processes after. They started as Orr, Orr is back in the old city of the god, now has been the dragon and it Zhaitan half-a-year miscellaneous fish are occupied. The city is in the late game design should be, most of the tasks were lost to low level area, “because the city of friendly NPC little”. Instead, there is no task to do Orr of the city has many giant event. In areas of the event is Orr other can explore the area more than twice as likely, this event is usually mesh crossover task line, not wired task chain. When it comes to full after level of the content, it is hard not to think of underground city you copy and, likewise, the guild wars 2 “also have many such thing. There are eight plot to queens, all this eight can be repeated brush, each copy there will be about three different plot line, this would mean that in the release after article about 25 underground city super challenge for players to choose routes. Some of the story line is prepared to mmo players, of course system would also according to the level of the player to fine-tune the difficulty, this let each copy all to keep challenging

These events do up than at low levels of the area as a more profound influence, and early game do task, events can have more to the whole region of the control and the forces of regional cooperation, and so on. Johanson mentioned in the late game, players need to repeated occupation certain scenes, such as the ancient god lost temple, to maintain their control, and can be further exploring the contents of the temple of god, and in the front line and tries to capture their enemy.The last conversation involving the epic weapon. Even if the epic weapon than only the mmo, epic weapon to time than the level of rare weapons so a little high, but they are very dominance of the view, and every weapon to match there are some historical story level. It is difficult to obtain historical facts weapons. They need it hard to achieve the same parts of the close and becomes group, players need to spend a lot of time and skill to track these components clues.

In addition, some of the rare weapons in Mystic Forge skin (mysterious melting pot, may be a weapon forging the thing) gain. Players in the 80 level after level full, the skill point still will increase, so players can use these extra skill points to trade special items, will these items into the mysterious melting pot will get similar equipment.