Troll shaman proves a lady can never have too many dresses


Although my working file name for this interview was 15Dresses, there are much more than a mere 15 dresses involved here. Asukachan of Al’Akir (EU) has managed to collect — of all things — more than 100 dresses since the earliest days of WoW. Now, we’ve featured collectors and their in-game collections before, from armor set and pet collections to items tied to game lore and even a museum of gray items and assorted oddities.But Asukachan? Asukachan just likes dresses.”I do keep cool items around that I’d like to wear sometime (silly hats from seasonal events, cool weapons and shields, oversized shoulderpads and what not) as well as all my old tier sets obtained while raiding,” explains the troll-loving Swedish player. “In the end, it really does add up to a lot of bag and bank space (and a full void storage), but the only collection I feel really serious and passionate about is the dress collection.”

Main character Asukachan:WoW Insider: All these dresses … What makes a dress worth collecting? What are the criteria for a dress to become part of your collection? Asukachan: My initial aspiration was to collect one dress of every different model in game. Thiswas still the main objective for the collection far into Wrath of the Lich King, even though I had already failed on that point since some dresses had been taken out of the game before I could get them and some were simply unobtainable or not equippable by my class. Also, I realized that the sheer amount of space needed to have one dress of each type was more than I could realistically provide. As such, I trimmed the criteria that a dress needs to be either attractive (in my eyes), rare or have an interesting history. There are many interesting things and we are glad to share these with our friends. If you need any gold, you can visit our website!