To go through the new Runescape area

It might help that RuneScape is accessible through any browser. That instant access gives me the option to log in late at night from bed or from the breakfast area in the morning. I can open my laptop and I am in the game. It’s an entire world within a 15 inch screen. For some reason, that’s very appealing.

Even if exploring or gawking at candle-lit windows isn’t your thing, there is plenty of adventuring to do. Each major area has a series of tasks, essentially an achievement list, that you can concentrate your efforts on. I am still trying to finish the task list in the very first town I arrived in, Lumbridge. Some of the activities will require me to level a bit more, but I am slowing marking them all off my list. The funny thing is that I have never been someone who cares much about an achievement, but RuneScape pays players for doing these tasks with loot, experience and bits of cash. The task system is actually a great way to learn about the game and to gain some decent items when you first start out. Or, it was until Jagex, developers of the title, created a new newbie tutorial outside of the city of Burthorpe.

I jumped at the chance to go through the new area and loved every minute of it. It takes you through several activities that not only teach you the mechanics of the game but serve to suck you into the world of RuneScape; it charms you without your knowing. There is one section that has you playing the role of a sort of thief. In order to get an item you need, you have to create a horrendous pie and give it to a rather massive individual. He becomes so sick that the game actually warns you that the sounds you will hear might be disturbing. What follows is a series of belches, retches, and heaves that truly made me uneasy. It was all done without feeling cheesy or goofy, though. It was immersive, funny, and intense.

It feels like a deliberate delay to extend Diablo 3′s lifespan for casual gamers (who may not have got to 60 otherwise). It’s a lot like those fighting games that lock half the roster until you’ve finished Arcade mode dozens of times. Basically a cheap trick to keep you playing.

I’m not sure why this is a separate point. Maybe this should be 4a. ?

I’d agree with you though if the game wasn’t a 1-time price to buy the box. We earn nothing by ‘tricking’ you into playing more. Is it so crazy that we just want to make a fun game you’ll enjoy? Maybe it is these days.

6) Leveling is a huge focus of D3. This isn’t WoW. Inferno will be nice, but getting there is going to take a long time and for most characters will be the majority of their lifespan. Not being able to do this as the build I want is rather lame.

However, there are two simple solutions.

A)Allow players, every 10 levels, to unlock a single runeskill of their choice, in addition to the existing system. This means that there is still something to look forward too, those of us with very specific builds in mind can enjoy them pre-Inferno and the newer players/Zarhym’s Grandmother won’t be affected at all.

B) Like Crafting, once a runeskill has been unlocked it is available at level 6, or when the base skill unlocks on any new characters of that class.

A third really good suggestion, made by Inferno  Bound is giving some free rune choices as quest rewards. I am a big fan of this idea too. Thoughts?

Ok, so here it is, we do not have any problem with some kind of ‘rune point’ system where you could maybe earn points and then spend them wherever you want. But, and everyone loves this answer I know, it’s not going to make or break an already well-functional system and thus is not worth delaying the game to design and build out one where this is possible. Contrary to popular belief “when it’s done” is not the same as “let’s work on it for 7 more years until we’ve accomplished absolutely everything we can dream of”. Our commitment to quality and polish very much is the intent of our design mantras, though.

I realize some people are going to really want to be able to get that rune and MAN! it doesn’t unlock until level 58! And honestly that’s something we sympathize with to a degree, but the current system works very well, the current limitations absolutely have their benefits, it’s actually fun to be forced to try other effects, and immediately giving you what you want is usually not a fun game mechanic in the long term.

In my own personal opinion, it’s Diablo. If you can’t find a workable build without having your own perfect choices being handed to you on a silver platter at the start of the game, good luck in Inferno. Actually, good luck in Nightmare. This game is hard. 

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