The unique elite strange of (To be continued

Monster: the Sarkoth
Description: the treasure hoard
Haunted the site: wet cellar
Sarkozy, is an elite lizards strange. In the random dungeon wet the cellar, a player has a chance to see an empty treasure box, is on the side of the sand and the men’s, quite consistent with its description. Sarkozy, the name from the world of warcraft tribes near the village of new orc NPC.

Monster Aaron Bright
Description: dead bard
Haunted the place: the cathedral gardens
Aron · Madeleine albright is at the cathedral of the northeast corner of the garden accessories randomly appear a elite zombie monster. When players come closer, it will be from subjects and the underground. This monster name seems to come from the diablo 3 development team role designer Aaron Gaines.

Monster: the Braluk Grimlow and Ragus Grimlow
Description: death greed brothers
Haunted location: the first layer of the cathedral
Case miro both brothers are haunted by the first layer in the cathedral of the elite absurd strange.

Monster: Captain Cage
Description: the commander
Haunted the place: the cathedral on the fourth floor
Cage in the cathedral layer 4 captain parts of the elite the shield skeleton warriors. Say to the cage said to the captain, you first thought??? What??? For, of course, is superhero comics. Black super hero Luke Cage Luke Cage childhood is in black neighborhood gang fight through, was the former friends against Luke for prison break and become gene restructuring plan of volunteers and in the experimental process were disgruntled police against, but he not only not dead, and also won the superhuman endurance and power, to have a sense of invulnerability skin. Hero “civil war.” later, he became the new captain avenger.