The skill to equip the brand-new weapon


Engineer also has a series of skill slot to be able to equip the brand-new weapon, and changes the weapon skill. The flamethrower may let the goal catch fire can also repel it, not only the medicament gun can cause the damage to the scope enemy also to be able to provide buff and the restoration for the teammate. The extra weapon also has the anti-tank grenade and the land mine lets engineer be more practical, can the better adaptation different fight situation. For instance engineer may summon the support from the sky to float the spatial robot, attacks for the first time can cause the damage, afterward will then arrange the fort and the wrap gw 2 gold.

 You may also take the pure attack occupation, outputs the massive injuries, divulges the ruinous fire perhaps summons the mortar which you and your teammate can use. Many welfares for the novices in “Guild Wars 2” to ensure the team leveling unobstructed For those who has played the “Guild Wars”, have a good understanding on the background of the early generation and the game systems and are rich experienced players, there is no doubt that “Guild Wars 2” is their most anticipated games.

 For those who have always felt difficult to start MMORPG, MMORPGs for them is a large chaos world which has a social group with a lot of unwritten rules, difficult to integrate into, has unfathomable class divisions and mysterious iron triangle professional laws. ”Guild Wars 2” is probably your best chance, which guides the new players to enter this new world through a variety of ways. Maybe many players will be satisfied with this beta weekend on a large scale. But on the other hand, some useful issues require be resolving and enforcing on a large scale, including chat functionality, key bindings, server stability and even performance. Buying Guild wars 2 gold from us is the best choice to defeat enemies.