What you should focus on when choosing gear for leveling


All the players in diablo 3 are a couple of things that you should focus on when choosing gear for leveling. Below is a break down of what you should focus on for weapons and armor. For weapons, you will want to focus on pure DPS and attack speed. The greater the attack speed will mean that you will be able to pull of more combinations of skills as well as keep up certain buffs. For example, with a weapon that has a fast attack speed, you will be able to use Fist of Thunder every other attack easily to keep up the dodge buff. By doing so, you will add further survivability to your Monk on the battlefield.

For your armor, I would recommend that you max out dexterity, vitality, and attack speed. The Monk in Diablo 3 already has a predisposition to high survivability due to their abilities, so when you focus on those attributes it will further enhance you effectiveness on the battlefield. As for jewelry, I recommend that you look for attributes that would add weapon damage, experience bonus or gold find and magic find. Besides, what you should focus on are as follows. Proper Diablo 3 Power Leveling Build Learning how to exploit the strengths and weaknesses as well as knowing what to gear to equip on your Monk is just the tip of the iceberg for power leveling to level 60.The next thing that you will need to learn to do is how to create the proper power leveling Monk build.

To consistently score experience bonuses with your Monk, what you will want to do is to lure a group of mobs together by kiting them. Then, use your abilities like Crippling Wave to slow them and blast them with an AoE ability such as Seven-Sided Strike or Cyclone Strike to kill all enemies at once. Remember that the amount of experience diablo 3 gold bonus you get depends on how many enemies you can kill at once. The more you kill, the more experience points you will be able to get resulting in quicker leveling.