World of Warcraft : Raid Finder, Void Storage, New Content in 4.3

4.3 is shaping up to be a massive patch for World of Warcraft. We previously noted that the update will include a Transmogrification system, but there is quite a bit more in store for players in 4.3. Highlights include a new ‘Raid Finder’ feature, Void Storage; which allows players to store additional items, and a bevy of new content additions.

On the topic of Void Storage, Blizzard’s Tom Chilton explained to Kotaku that the feature (which allows players to store anywhere from 100-150 additional items) comes at a bit of a technical cost. Items stored in ‘Void Storage’ will lose their enchantments and gems, as well as the name of the person who crafted it. As Kotaku notes, this isn’t due to a lore reason, but is due to technical limitations with the game.For content, players can expect three new five player dungeon instances and a new raid that will see players finally take down the big baddie Deathwing himself.We have more than 5 years of experience and can easily pass that on to our customers.We provide the cheapest wow gold all the servers and the first class service to our loyaland reliable customers. We have available stock of wow gold on most of the servers, so that we can do a really instant way of delivery. We understand what our buyers need so we offer an instant way of delivery

4.3 marks the culmination of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, though Blizzard is working on a new expansion which isn’t being talked about just yet! 

Guild Wars 2 vs TERA

Does one game have to win over the other, or do they each have unique strengths, both in gameplay and business model that a player might enjoy both? Let’s dive in!


I’m not trying to play it safe when I say I fully see the benefits to both TERA and Guild Wars 2. That said: I can see myself being a whole lot more enticed by the latter.  It’s just far more “new” to me, even though I’m loving TERA’s combat and world.  What gets me about Guild Wars 2 is its sense of exploration and discovery.  Meanwhile the combat and politics of TERA are what have me solidly enjoying that title.  Luke and I are each going to briefly talk on three core components to any MMO and see how the two games stack up against each other.

Class Progression

TERA really doesn’t offer much in the way of class-differentiation… at least early on.  The true difference between classes in TERA comes in the form of how each class plays completely different in combat.  You get crystals to slot out weapons and armor with bonus stats (which becomes hugely important later one), and you get glyphs to tweak skills from level 20+ (also hugely important).  But by and large the Lancer’s core skills and way of playing stays the same between players, with crystals and glyphs being the customized part of your play experience.  So if you’re the type of player who really wants to change the way your character plays, TERA won’t necessarily work for you.  If however, you’re all about min-maxxing? Well then, En Masse’s game is up your alley.

GW2 on the other hand? With the different weapons, the several dozen skills on each class, and the ability to trait your character into a completely different play-style? Well, I think we see who has the edge here. Personally, I’d take GW2’s class progression any day.  But I wonder how big of a balance burden it will be in PVP, and for that TERA has the upper hand in at least the competitive category.  Still, I think I’d have at least liked the ability to tweak my character’s skills and abilities a bit more in TERA.  It’s definitely a missing aspect of MMORPG design.  And given GW2’s general idea of completely ditching the holy trinity, if you’re the type of player who prefers distinct roles in your MMO, then TERA might be more up your alley.  I can speak from experience that sometimes playing a true tank is missed in GW2, and I welcome it in TERA.

Quests and Adventure

This is another area in which one game goes the tried and true route, while another tries to shake things up.  There are plenty of folks who claim the MMO design isn’t broken and doesn’t need re-shaping.  Those folks will likely love the questing in TERA, and loathe the all-public events in GW2.  But me? I put up with the questing in TERA, well written though it is, because the combat and group content is fun enough to get me through “kill this, and collect this”.



After months of waiting, this weekend marked my first moments of playtime with the hugely anticipatedGuild Wars 2.  After waiting so long, the only word that accurately sums up how I felt over the past few days is…underwhelmed.  Not overly so, but enough to make me take stock of why I feel this way.  After a post-mortem with some guild mates, we came up with a radical conclusion: I’ve been playing too muchTERA.  While I fully intend to play both games, the past weekend has got me thinking about how the two compare, and now I plan to share my conclusions with you, gentle readers.

Class Progression

The way your class develops in Guild Wars 2 through having different weapons offer different skills offers brilliant customisation.  The first character I made was a Charr engineer, and I found much of my first hour consumed with trying to track down as many different weapons as I could.  From very early in my playtime I was able to refine my playstyle to what worked best for me, and that’s really quite special.

TERA has nowhere near the same level of class customisation on offer.  Your class is pretty much shackled in terms of how it operates, all the way down to the weapons it uses which could quickly become repetitive.  What makes up for this is the vast difference in play experiences between classes.  In a game with an emphasis on action combat, the speed and range of attacks take on a much more important meaning, which in turn makes picking the right class for your style a big task.  Sure, it can’t be refined to the degree present in Guild Wars 2, but that’s not to say there aren’t options there. 

To enjoy Guild Wars 2 quest chains

All players like Guild Wars 2 quest chains because they take the story forward better than a bunch of unrelated quests all asking for a similar menial task to be carried out. But you can pick unrelated bunch of quests at one time at an outpost, go out in the wild and complete all of them in one go, then return the quests and reap the rewards. With quest chains on the other hand you need to pick one up, go out, complete it, come back and return it, pick the second one and repeat the whole process. How about having best of both worlds? Multiple-stage event chains not only try to tell you a story related to a specific area but they keep you in the action for the whole time.

You feel immersed in the proceedings and are on the edge wondering what’s going to happen next. All the Guild Wars 2 players will also be at the same stage of the event chain which heightens the feeling of participating as a group in a meaningful conflict. Quest chains always progress in the same way – pick up the quest, finish it, pick up the next one and so on. Event chains are unpredictable to a certain extent – first event of the chain might be successfully completed by the participating players, which will lead to one of two possible events and if the participants fail at this event, once again you might be lead into one of two different possible events.

Event chains in the starting areas are simple i.e. small in their scope but there are also event chains that sweep across an entire zone when your character progresses into higher level areas. There is some new information about the latest version of GW 2 powerleveling. Players are excited about all the new changes. Meanwhile, we provide brand new Guild Wars 2 gold fast and instant delivery. We are the service provider operating the selling sites for massively multiplayer online game virtual currency. We specialize in supplying fast delivery and 24/7 service. 

Your mini map has a green arrow pointing

Overall, I think the Guild wars 2 is a great game, the game play is quite different from other free mmo’s in that you play through a strong story completing missions, which take you to new areas of the map. Each area will have around one or two major cities and a fair few outposts; here it’s like a normal mmo complete quest for money and stuff. Though there really isn’t much challenge to the quests, because you mini map has a green arrow pointing in which direction you need to go. The combat system is interesting, unlike games like wow and other mmo’s you can only have 8 skills on your skill bar and your game play is generally dictated by what skills you have.

Unlike, say wow where you specialize with your talents, in Guile wars 2 you are free to change when ever you want unlike other games you don’t get a number of skills each level you will have certain amount skills available to you in a certain area. When you get to an other area you will get some different skills, as well as the others. But in my opinion, pve is not where guild wars 2 excels, it’s in pvp, the pvp system becomes available to you at level 20 (top lvl) and from there you can really get involved there are around 5 or six different types of pvp arenas two choose from, but there are annual events which you can enter.

Besides, you get pvp where you and your guild can challenge another guild to a fight this can either be a ranked fight, where the outcome of the fight decides you ranking on the guild ladder. But rather than one character joining a guild, it’s more your account joins the guild; this means that some things you do on one character will affect another of your characters. Overall its very good game, the graphics are excellent better than most pvp games. The community is alright, most players will help you, but generally most aren’t that talkative. It does get a little boring after a while because a lot of the missions are very hard to do, unless you get a better character to run you through it. To buy Guild wars 2 gold, contact us. 

Magic is suffering from some itemization problems

Armour now grants lots of bonus life points and we know it’s annoying that they don’t automatically fill up when you suit up. We have not pinned down a fix for this yet (it needs to be a solution that absolutely can’t be abused for unfair gain) but the current favourite is some kind of ‘safe zone’ in which you will rapidly heal up. Stay tuned for further developments. Dungeoneering has already seen lots of fixes and some important improvements, such as the way bound armour interacts with your life points. We’ve got lots more on the table, first in the beta to make sure that EoC didn’t harm the game play, then as a further project afterward to make other improvements that have come up since it first launched.

Magic is suffering from some itemization problems at the moment, so fixing that should do a lot to redress the balance. We’re also hoping to have time to make some interim improvements to binding, although we’ve got a whole host of changes planned for the full project later. Definite answers to all the questions that Summoning poses aren’t ready yet, but it’s in the same boat as Dungeoneering. We’ll do what we need to make sure it works by the end of the beta, and we look forward to the opportunity for a thorough rework later on. We will be improving the presentation of the whole system, including targeting enemies, the daunting ability book, and ease of understanding the stats on equipment, and so on.

What I hope is clear from what we have done so far is that we are listening and we are determined to make the best game we can. Some parts of the old system didn’t survive the rework when they should have, but we’ve made such huge leaps forward in other areas that the right solution now is to find those weaknesses and bring them up to date or find something new to fill those niches. The best game we can make is the one that looks to the future, having an improved combat system but retaining the character of the game we know and love. 

Icecrown and the Frozen Throne

Kil’jaeden cast Ner’zhul’s icy cask back into the world of Azeroth. The hardened crystal streaked across the night sky and smashed into the desolate arctic continent of Northrend, burying itself deep within the Icecrown glacier. The frozen crystal, warped and scarred by its violent descent, came to resemble a throne, and Ner’zhul’s vengeful spirit soon stirred within it. From the confines of the Frozen Throne, Ner’zhul began to reach out his vast consciousness and touch the minds of Northrend’s native inhabitants. With little effort, he enslaved the minds of many indigenous creatures, including ice trolls and fierce wendigo, and he drew their evil brethren into his growing shadow. His psychic powers proved to be almost limitless, and he used them to create a small army that he housed within Icecrown’s twisting labyrinths.

As the Lich King mastered his growing abilities under the dreadlords’ persistent vigil, he discovered a remote human settlement on the fringe of the vast Dragonblight. On a whim, Ner’zhul decided to test his powers on the unsuspecting humans. Ner’zhul cast a plague of undeath – which had originated from deep within the Frozen Throne, out into the arctic wasteland. Controlling the plague with his will alone, he drove it straight into the human village. Within three days, everyone in the settlement was dead, but shortly thereafter, the dead villagers began to rise as zombified corpses.

Ner’zhul could feel their individual spirits and thoughts as if they were his own. The raging cacophony in his mind caused Ner’zhul to grow even more powerful, as if their spirits provided him with much-needed nourishment. He found it was child’s play to control the zombies’ actions and steer them to whatever end he wished. Over the following months, Ner’zhul continued to experiment with his plague of undeath by subjugating every human inhabitant of Northrend. With his army of undead growing daily, he knew that the time for his true test was nearing. 

Chapter 6: The Astral Coven Released

The Lotus Marsh is a humid, moss covered zone where humans and its native inhabitants, the Dromaji, maintain a strained coexistence. The Lotus Marsh is also the home of the Astral Coven.

Accessible through Lotus Marsh are the danger-filled Titan Nest and Arch Bishop Nest. The Titan Nest is a maze filled with inanimate objects inhabited by evil spirits that can come alive and to menace adventurers. The Arch Bishop Nest is lorded over by the evil and greedy Archbishop Kazalman. Guarded by an army of undead, cursed warriors, the risks of taking on Kazalman are great.

During SOE Live last weekend, the Wizardry Online team was on hand to talk more about the game that Sony Online calls “thirty years in the making”. It’s a game with lots of history and big shoes to fill. See what we learned about WO and then weigh in on the conversation when finished!

We had the opportunity to chat with Associate Producer Tom Carson and other members of his team about Wizardry Online and, honestly, I have to start with my favorite line of the day:

“With permadeath, sometimes you’re just dead.”


Multiplayer FPS, Tribes

Tribes: Ascend is a distinctly different game from the upcoming MMO called Tribes Universe but both are being developed by Hi-Rez. With the obvious tie-in with the IP, it’s worth noting here at
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Obviously, I play a Demon Hunter so I lost quite a bit of DPS on account of the increased attack speed (IAS) nerf that Blizzard did a month ago. Before the IAS nerf, I was pulling off 2.5 attacks in a second with a bow, which wasn’t anything spectacular. I’d imagine with a better bow (20% IAS), I could’ve passed 3 attacks per second. At first glance, it does look quite excessive. English longbowmen were renowned for being able to shoot a dozen arrows in the span of a minute. Here’s the counter-argument! Just replace the handgun with a handbow: Yes, that’s right – two shots from a handarm can be done in a split second. Blizzard, give us back the attack speed! It’s Athene again, annoying is ever but showing how Diablo can be killed with blue gear only. The video furthers my point about French players having amazingly low latency thanks to Blizzard’s datacenters being inParis. On my computer, the five cages come up almost simultaneously while in Athene’s version, they appear almost in slow motion.

If you are following game casters on Youtube, you might have heard about Athene who is the self-proclaimed “best gamer in the world”.I believe he was the first one to down Diablo in Diablo 3 – abound with rumors that Blizzard actually gave him super-equipment. I doubt this is the case, he has a ton of followers on Youtube, so it’s easy to see how every nice item went to Athene to speed up his kill. It’s the same with the first hardcore kill by Kripps & Co, who got incredible items for free from their loyal fans. So why is Athene so good? Of course, he is pretty hardcore, so that is a big part of the explanation.

However, having played Diablo 3 since it’s release, I can tell you my best guess. Athene is good, because he’s French! No, I’m not prejudiced against certain nationalities (though you know the saying that in Starcraft, the only imba race is Korean). It’s just that Blizzard servers are based inFrance(Parissuburb Velizy). So while I am lagging and misclicking even at my lowest ping (100ms), he is probably enjoying sub-20ms gameplay. In other words, he’s playing Diablo 3 like it was meant to be played – as a singleplayer game! While most of us (being not French) are playing a super-twitch game on a lagging connection. Anyway, check out his speed kills – boasting a DPS of over 400,000.


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The metropolitan areas that may be reached by portal from Shattarath are: Exodar, Darnassus, Stormwind and Ironforge for your Alliance and Silvermoon City, Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff as properly as the Undercity for your Horde.  Not the most gracious form of combat, but all’s fair in war. The tram is also free but at the same time requires a good deal of effort to take while flying is on Wow Gold demand and the cost is a non-factor once you gain a few levels. Finding cheap wow gold is a difficult thing to all of WoW players.