The shadow of the sword – rating in the battlefield a thief

Always want to write something rogue performance rating the battleground, coincided with insomnia again today, then code some word and everyone to share their experiences in the battlefield, if you have any valuable advice, please feel free to point out.
Copy opened after 90, engaged in forest, at the same time as the reality environment reasons, rating open battlefield 3, and 4 weeks after hit rating, at that time, no wheat, all honor suit with a weapon, and former head of the mixed up again after a few busy real transaction, then after a week or two, headsets ready, started began, the night by a group of 2500 + to my teammates drag matching with 2600, equipment has not been completely evil, but the second order weapons have been upgraded, damage has not dropped after people.
Visits thief zone and chamber, occasionally have a look at the blade, both in the game, or on the BBS, the rogue talent mobility and defense against the design and control ability is basically a cry of hatred, but for the rogue’s attack ability, recognition is accounted for most of the attitude to have, more common view is: thieves version – attack ability. At present, outbreak of ability but the outbreak of lead longer, mobility and defense against control ability is low, so that the list pick ability is poor, not with any professional one-on-one challenge before the bottom spirit, to borrow a BBS on see, is “to play with life hurt”.
Akrios offensive style as a thief, the original poster is aggressive in the battlefield, the defense is partial to weak some, put an example here, in the beginning not hit rating in a month, the building Lord beat 3 DPS with combat arms war hunting thighs, hit 2100 + because of their own strength problem, with the team and no aam guidance they were riding hunting eat have no confidence… To digress, bored with hunter’s teammate flag, I was just heap some toughness, systemic PVP and some 320 toughening gems, 7200 + toughness and hunters, hunter in large bust PVE, about 3 ~ 4 pieces of PVP, PVP strength cans be imagined, the original poster is a strong wind to shoot (the hunter in the last row of talent that, should be the name) burst of 15 w + damage, plus the baby chew two, most of the blood tube seconds after a possum kneel moment, since it is more resilient to the version of thieves ability lost confidence, strength of pile with PVP, stepping up efforts to attack. In I die also want to make your half-life of principle, the original poster to start the ratings war fighting on the battlefield.