Warsong gulch, the twin peaks

This is I don’t like keep flag DaQi field, in addition to occasionally with melee, most of the time thief is responsible for the flag.
I joked with group of friends, the other rogue if participate in the melee, want to also don’t want to, assisted him directly, and a dozen of the correct one. A wave of the chapter, and the second wave of packing! This ability is based on his teammates in the assisted the trust on the basis of the joke, but also reflected the status of a thief in the melee. If you don’t have a rich field experience and a keen sense of anticipation in the opponent is the premise of a mature team you’d better stay away from melee or blow out, otherwise you will ready to delivery skills at any time. Precise control over the use of skills in the melee ability is a basic test a rogue survivability.
Ok, back to keep the flag. Most current rating the battleground prop team’s standard bearer is daemon, resistance to beat can mill run fast is the characteristics of them. Here we choose sitting at home flag opposite points such as the druid to carry. Shift + M, open your map, see if your DE quick flag into their room, which means that each other’s basically also come to you soon.
Please don’t grudge your keyboard, press stop thief macros, in a small, close to the flags of the moment or he carried the flag at the moment of his nausea in situ, half chance can you boring into in the form of a cheetah. Ok, how about hands beat him how to look at your output ability. Each other, usually two options here, immediately pay entangling roots hanging chapter’s BUFF to run (or confuse you?) , or a hard fight you first and then do other plans such as confused you run or change milk such as bear continue to fight with you go to pick him up. To hand in the chapter, you already occupy a certain advantage, top you first hurt’s advantage more. But even boring to bear is also a kind of play, don’t you let him go? Was confused, please don’t pay a chapter to prevent instantaneous blows immediately (greatly blizzard hurry cut instantaneous blows!), haunted please disappear sprinting to play darts out of the slowdown, have sprint darts faerie fire cape directly go, anyhow gouge ah poison blade darts, please stick to each other, quickly request support.
In a guard’s Ken/skills under the condition of a thief difficult to kill him, at that time in midfield teammate can come back from DaQi and hold the other party in advance all the best treatment. If all your skills for delivery or to let him run, please review. If there is a treatment to meet each other is it’s not your problem, if a teammate is not come back to cooperate with you, then you can spray them go. General shadow dance wave with shadow edge wave plus being compelled teammates (1-2 people) can be sent away, at least can also be made of all of the skills for delivery.
Anything at this time received the flags, and escort home or back to the graveyard, in between stages, now you want heel regiment war now, may be followed large hit assisted, perhaps such as layer high sneaking down to each other’s back, or is suddenly out of the regiment war to bring two friends base wave RUSH, please remember to quote your skills. “3 seconds later I’m going to sneak attack”, “I have open the shadow dance”, “mage” I blamed it for you, “the other druids have no chapter I kidney shot smoke treatment under control!” And the like. Specific how to play how to paste, then see your skill.
“Smoke! 6 seconds kidney shot with him go!”